Why he wants nothing to do with me?

we used to talk for 6 months but things ended in April, I know I loved him but I'm not sure about him. I ended things because I got tired of him not wanting a relationship (even though we had one), we hooked up from time to time and about a month ago was the last time. rumors spread that I had a boyfriend and it got to him. a week ago we were texting and were fine but then the other day I heard he's been with 30 girls (which I know isn't true) but I asked him about it and his response was "don't you have a bf? what's with the 21 questions I haven't seen you in a month" I said I didn't have a boyfriend and he said to stop asking him questions. yesterday I said what's your prob with me what did I do and he said he has no problems with me but he thinks its best we don't talk and I asked why and I said this is stupid and that I missed him and he didn't respond.

whys he acting like this? and why does he want nothing to do with me now when a couple weeks ago before he heard I had a boyfriend he was texting me no problem? what can I do I miss him


Most Helpful Girl

  • Funny how he was interested when you supposedly had a boyfriend, but now that you don't he wants nothing to do with you. Sounds like he's one of those guys who doesn't want to see you with another guy, but doesn't want anything to do with you otherwise.