Why would a guy start avoiding a girl he likes? I am VERY Confused

OK, there is this guy...it was like instant attraction when we met. He started pursuing me (flirting, wanting me to see him, and trying to get my attention). Well, I like him too. The flirting and signaling went on for months. He did little things to see how I would react, which I reacted to let him know I like him. Then I did little things and got reaction back as well. The talking kind of stopped though and when we saw each other we would just stare into each others eyes not saying a word, as nothing needed to be said, since the looks said it all. So even most recently I did something to let him know I like him, and got a mutual response back. So now we know we like each other, and now he is avoiding me. At least it feels that way, since he use to go out of his way to at least say hi or something. Why would a guy start avoiding a girl he likes (or at least acted like he does) that he knows likes him back? I don't understand it, as now of course I feel like he doesn't like me as I would expect things to move forward...not backward or stop. I am so confused now.


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  • I can relate. My crush did this to me since last summer. The flirting was so intense that at times I wanted to just scream, "either s*** or get off the pot"...lol. Then recently, the ignoring started and I saw him more and more with his ex (they have kids together). So, I've basically given up on this. I was hurt because he did all the same things that your crush is doing and then just dropped me. I am happy for him if they are back together. I don't wish any bad things on him. I just wish that he wouldn't have started flirting with me if he still had her on his mind. Hopefully, your guy is just shy or unsure and will eventually come around. It sucks that even older guys still play these games. Good luck!

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      Wow. Sorry that happened to you. People shouldn't pursue others if they still have loose ends with their ex. That is how people get hurt, such as yourself. With my guy, I am leaning toward the shy, unsure, afraid as you gals noted. I know very little about his relationship history, but what little I do know apparently he got married a long time ago and it was very bad, so I can see him being cautious..but he was the one initially pursuing me. Time will tell. Thank you for your input.