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How long should I wait before I tell a girl I love her?

How long should I wait before I tell a girl I love her?

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  • Don't put a time frame on it. I had a guy wait 11 months before he told me, and I was going insane, because I knew that we both loved each other.

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  • i say about 6 months, not too early, because she might get freaked out, but better to make sure that she cares about you. Caring a person is one step to true luv.

  • If you love her tell her. if she freaks out its ok, at least you know that she knows how you really feel.

  • it really depends on how long you guys been dating because believe it or not if its earlier it might come off as infacuation you don't know how many many pple think they are in love but then soon realizes that they are not... but if you really mean it then go ahead and say it... awww being in love is so sweet ... continue to have a great relationshipp...

  • If you actually do love her, than just go on and tell her, you don't want to wait until she's taken then be upset don't you?

  • You should tell her as soon as you know deep down inside you do.

  • Please tell her ASAP. If she cares about you, she' s probably waiting for you to say it. It could be a "torture" for a girl to wait for thing like this.

  • As soon as you know it's true.

  • Well if you really love her then tell her now!

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