Why are some men abusive towards women?

Do you think it is acceptable for a guy to beat his daughters up if he gets angry at them? Do you think that girls should accept the treatment out of respect for elders?

Do you think this may affect the girls and their outlook on future partner prospects? Maybe this could be a reason for her not to trust men for a relationship etc?

Do you also think this might cause her to be unintentionally attracted to abusive men?

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks


Most Helpful Guy

  • All of the above are exactly because of him being abusive to you and abusive men are punk ass bitches. Abuse is a form of control and abusers usually do it to have a feeling of control over someone and over a situation. Usually abusive people have had a form of abuse in their own lives so they don't know how else to act or they believe that this type of behavior is acceptable and the norm. They don't know any other means of dealing with situations that they can not control like the possibility of someone leaving them or not loving them. So they lash out and try to control the situation physically. It's not that they don't love you, it's they don't know how to love you any other way in a weird f*cked up way. But if you don't break the habit of falling for these types of men, then you will either end up in the hospital or dead.

    Abuse affects how you view men and so you believe they are all like this and so this is the norm and so you go after this thinking, well this is what's going to happen anyhow and I don't deserve anything better because I don't know what it is like to be treated by a man non-abusively. I'm telling you, you have to surround yourself with people that show you respect even though you aren't attracted to this type of person sub-consciously. Then you will see how it is to be in a non-abusive relationship and you will make healthier decisions.

    Also, abused people kind of sends signals to abusers on a sub-conscious level so that you tend to attract those types of people without you knowing you are. Probably due to your mannerisms and the way you talk or carry yourself. If you have been abused and have a feeling it is affecting you more than you can control, then you definitely need to get some counselling to help you mentally deal with the trauma you went through.