When are you too young to wear thongs/g-strings?

I have a friend and her daughter is wanting to go panty shopping for herself...She is 14yrs old and is interested in thongs... I guess my questions is to the women:

At what age are you old enough to start wearing thongs or g-strings? What age would be the "proper" age?


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  • My mom got me my first thong when I was in like 8th grade, 12 or 13 years old. It was really ugly and frilly and unbearably uncomfortable so I never wore it. She told me it was to see if I liked it and that it isn't proper underwear to wear to school, etc. I think she got it for me as a learning experience or something. Under those conditions I think its fine, but not for her to wear to school and show off, which might be the result if she's the one initiating the idea of wearing thongs. I think the proper age is 18 personally, after you leave high school. The girls in my high school wore thongs as a statement of their sexuality and it just appeared slutty. That's just my opinion though, I might be too closed minded

    • You bring up some great points... I will share this with my friend. I don't think you are closed minded at all. Thank you

    • It is so uncomfortable! I tried one on ONCE and I never bought one it does make you look slutty and stuff girls wear them all the time at school

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  • Ha, I love this question. I don't know if you watched it, but there was a sex education programme on, with Anna Richardson, and she was campaigning for shops to stop 'pimping our kids' i.e they wanted shops to stop selling inappropriate clothing for girls, and I mean girls under the age of 13. One of the items was a padded bra for six year olds, and both shops came back and said the padded bras were not to enhance the cleavage, but to give the girls some modesty. Now, the whole point in a padded bra is to enhance the cleavage, and why does a six year old girl, who doesn't have any boobs yet need to 'hide' her modesty...

    I think 14 isn't necessarily too young for a thong, but I do feel that young girls are being a little too adventrous with clothing, I mean, what ever happened to having a childhood? and although 14 is said to be in teenage years, they are still too young to understand all the messages they give out when they wear particular things. I don't like it, you see young girls walking around supermarkets with their skirt so far up, when they bend over I can see EVERYTHING.

  • i started wearing one at thirteen because I was sick of having my bikini panty things going up my butt. Kinda seems like thongs wouldn't fix the problem but I'd rather have a string up my butt than a bunch of material. I started to wear them for comfort and I love not having panty lines and I feel sexy about myself when I wear one. (I did even when I was the only one who knew I wore one too) It's an easy ego boost and a comfortable solution to a tacky problem. I didn't show it off or brag about it. If that's what she's going to do I think that's a problem. But I don't think 14 is a bad age to be wearing a thong. In fact, it's the perfect age. That's when girls kind of start to come into their own (not to mention notice other girls panty lines) and thongs somehow help. Some days I wear panties just because but most days I like wearing my g-strings :) If she wants a thong for the right reasons, I say the girl should wear a thong.

  • i got my first thong when I was in the 6th grade... after all they are underwear. I find them more comfortable than panties... and the panty line is a huge concern for us women... it gives and awful shape and look to our back sides...

  • I started wearing them at 15. RARELY... the only reason I wore them was to avoid panty lines. I HATE panty lines.. To this day I only wear them like 3 times a month... Depends on what I'm wearin.

  • I never liked them, but I had friends that started wearing them with 12 or even 11, so I don't think 14 is that bad.

    As long as her jeans is not extremely low cut or her skirt a little short, no one is gonna see it anyways, exept her boyfriend if she has one

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  • Does it really matter? I mean, if a young girl, say 8, wanted to wear a g-string under her shorts would it really matter?

    If a girl is wearing a skirt and is planning on doing handstands and cartwheels, then obviously she needs something "covering". But if she's going to have it covered up anyhow, who cares.

  • As I understand it from me fiancee the pourpose of a thong is so people can't see your underwear lines. Not totally sure if I believe her to this day but I figured I'd throw in my two cents.

  • Really it is personal preference, as long as she doesn't go around bragging or showing it off, some girls prefer them for comfort over anything.

  • 13 or younger. <-those are kids. At 14-15ish then they start acting differently from kids (though not by a lot).

  • girls get sluts earlier nowadays, its normal.

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