When are you too young to wear thongs/g-strings?

I have a friend and her daughter is wanting to go panty shopping for herself...She is 14yrs old and is interested in thongs... I guess my questions is to the women:

At what age are you old enough to start wearing thongs or g-strings? What age would be the "proper" age?


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  • My mom got me my first thong when I was in like 8th grade, 12 or 13 years old. It was really ugly and frilly and unbearably uncomfortable so I never wore it. She told me it was to see if I liked it and that it isn't proper underwear to wear to school, etc. I think she got it for me as a learning experience or something. Under those conditions I think its fine, but not for her to wear to school and show off, which might be the result if she's the one initiating the idea of wearing thongs. I think the proper age is 18 personally, after you leave high school. The girls in my high school wore thongs as a statement of their sexuality and it just appeared slutty. That's just my opinion though, I might be too closed minded

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      You bring up some great points... I will share this with my friend. I don't think you are closed minded at all. Thank you

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      It is so uncomfortable! I tried one on ONCE and I never bought one it does make you look slutty and stuff girls wear them all the time at school