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When men say "I Love You" do they really mean it??

My boyfriend used to say " I love you" all the time but now I feel like I am the one who says it first. I was just curious if men lie when they say... Show More

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  • its hard to say...some guys rarely ever use that phrase at all so when they do say it to someone, they really mean it, whereas other outgoing guys who are social and like to talk, say I love you to female friends and all sorts of people in their daily life, and with them it'd be harder to decipher if they mean it or not and in that case you have to study their actions and behavior around you.

What Guys Said 10

  • Sometimes they mean it. Sometimes they don't. Actions speak louder than words.

  • ohh yeah girl look here when I said I love yo. Did you think I meant it or not? ;)

  • he should say it but live it act like it and show you how much you mean to him than after some time and fight ups nd downs and there still with you and they say they love you then they mean it

  • I wouldn't say " I love you" to a girl if I didn't mean it. I tell my girlfriend I love her because that's how I feel and I'm not afraid to say it no matter whos around me.

  • depends on how he's treating you.

  • depends on there tone or how they say it. I say it to my girlfriend ever day a few times a day for the past 4 years, and ill continue saying because that's how I feel.

  • hugs say more

  • It depends on the guy. I've never told any of my friends I love them, even my past 2 girlfriends I've never said it because it wasn't to where I asked them out but it just kind of happened (not sure how so don't ask.) But I do plan to say it to my friend at her prom in May because I do mean it. So for me its only if I ever mean it.

  • For myself? every time I say it. I don't say it casually. I think it's really silly/immature to casually throw it around. Even between friends. If I love you and I say it, I mean it in a really important way. So ya, for me? I mean it.

    For the guy? I dunno. Many say it just to get women into bed and that makes me sad :\

  • What made you think the answer to this question wasn't wholly dependent on the individual and has nothing to do with any gender as a whole?

    • niice ;)

    • hehe

What Girls Said 10

  • Actions speak louder than words and is not what you said,but how you say it..so to say I love you has meaning in the actions and the way they say it..but ill say more actions..is hard to hear a guy say that..mmhmm..

  • I'm sure some men do lie, but it doesn't necessarily mean your boyfriend is lying.

    For example, I usually say " I love you" more to my boyfriend than he does to me. Do I think he doesn't love me? Absolutely not. You may just be more affectionate verbally than your boyfriend and it's also possible that he's affectionate in ways that you're not noticing.

    If it's bothering you too much, talk to him about it.

    • Agreed! Some guys just aren't verbal.

  • Actions speak louder than words. If he's actions are showing you, what's the problem. Yeah, we all NEED to hear it every now and then but it shouldn't be something you're keeping score on. First and for most, he can't read your mind and if you haven't told him that you need to hear it a little more often, start there and see where it goes.

  • Depends on the guy.

  • of course

    • Of course men lie? OR of Course take it at face value?

  • ofcourse some lie and some don't

    it depends

  • i have the same problem...i'm ALWAYS the one saying it. he only says it whenever I say it and he's RESPONDING...it's so annoying. I know he ACTUALLY REALLY DOES love me, but still. I want him to say it first sometime..

  • Same here with my boyfriend... though, through his actions and the fact that he told me, when he first said he loved me, exactly how much he loved me...I know that he loves me. I keep saying it to him because I want to say it to him as many times as possible, because even if I said "I love you" every second of every day, it still wouldn't be anywhere close to how much I love him.

  • Actions speak louder than words. Does he SHOW you he loves you by being true to his words? Supporting you? Showing you affection? Doing nice things for you for no reason? Listening to you? And do you do the same for him? Reevaluate your relationship's dynamic and you'll have your answer. Hearing, "I love you" is yes, nice, but it doesn't mean anything if there's nothing backing those three words up.

    • Yes to all of your questions, I guess I am just feeling really insecure and over thinking everything he says or doesn't say for that matter.

    • Well if you answered yes, he does love you. Maybe he just doesn't feel like saying it does it justice, so he shows you. Many men are like that. Just appreciate how he makes you feel.

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