Girls, Women with boyfriend, do you really love your boyfriend?

First of all, I'm sorry for so much text, I just want to vent on this site and I hope you can read everything I want to say.

What do I mean by this? I'm not saying that it's all women, but it seems that women reject many men because of their "ugliness" and unattractive masculinity, but do women who have boyfriends really love them above their physical appearance and what their face looks like?

It may be low self-esteem but I consider myself ugly and it doesn't really affect me but just today I had a slight discrepancy in chat with a woman I met on Badoo, this woman after asking her what she did for a living, she replies that she sells sexual content out of necessity and for not having a job, I replied that I was not interested in its content because I did not need it; This girl was upset, this girl offended me saying that she is not interested in me as a man not even to have a video call since she scares my profile picture.

I was very thoughtful, I did not think that a woman would be upset by my answer; If a man told you through chat that they sell sexual content without them offering anything, what would you respond? There are two options: buy that content from her or tell her that she is not interested in that content, right? The second option was the answer I gave him but he was very offended.

Now, and although what I just wrote has nothing to do with my question, what makes a woman love a man so that he is her boyfriend even if he is "ugly ugly"? If women perceive me as ugly, how do they manage to be with men who are the same or uglier than me? Is it because of pity or because they couldn't find Adonis mounted on his white horse and settled for the first one that appeared?

PS: You may tell me that your boyfriend is a sweetheart, but tell me, why did you really like your boyfriend? Was there a moment in the flirtation that you didn't want anything with this man or was a reciprocal love simply born above his physical appearance?

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I understand that there may be women who look beyond the appearance of the man and who like his personality and way of being more, but what makes you change your rejection of an ugly man to like that man with a good personality? Do they let them sweeten their ears to convince them?
Girls, Women with boyfriend, do you really love your boyfriend?
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