I sent my friend a confession love letter and he didn't reply?

I sent my guy friend a confession love letter three days ago but he hasn't replied. I know he's been on Facebook because he was logged in yesterday. He did tell me that this week would be insanely busy for him, but I can't stop thinking about him because to me he's perfect. He is very, terribly shy and quiet(we haven't physically seen each other in two months, and won't for another 6 months) Does he hate me or doesn't want to date me, or maybe he just doesn't want a long-distance relationship? He's shown signs of attraction, but says he doesn't think he's mature enough or perfect enough for me. Maybe I should give him some more time?


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  • I couldn't see why he wouldn't reply to it unless he doesn't want the relationship or if he didn't see it. I do know most people around my age range which is likely a type of guy your sending the letter to. We normally try to avoid long distance relationships because we learned its nothing but drama. Maybe he just wants to wait but if I had to guess even if he's the quiet shy type if he read the note he would open up and say something. Whether it's I rather wait or I feel the same way or it won't happen. Unless he just doesn't care about you. I would just ask him if he read it. Your a girl after all it's not to big of a deal to ask.

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      That's exactly what happened, and because he knows now, our relationship as friends is much stronger. Thanks for replying!