How long do guys usually stay angry?

We had a fight, so I asked a friend if I should try talking to him or just leave him alone and she said just leave him alone, let him blow off steam. He hasn't spoken to me since he left Sunday morning (it's Tuesday afternoon)...Our fight wasn't even a big deal, I just didn't want to talk to him about something that was wrong. How long do guys generally stay mad? Should I be worried?

Well! He texted me tonight and broke up with me...Said he's tired of the childish BS (I'd like to point out that he texted me like 6x, breaking up with me, then when I had something to say, took off...and that he's breaking up with me over something I've clearly been working on, but he won't stay and help me) and he wants to settle down and get married with someone he can totally trust and that totally trusts him...And I'm BS?...


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  • honestly it depends on the guy if he really have a really really bad anger or others a bad day then I have to agree with your friend leave him alone and give him time to calm down so yeah pretty much depends if he have a bad anger or a really bad anger so depends on how mad he gets


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  • Good call on letting him blow off steam, a lot of girls seem to have trouble with that. That said, it's been awhile so I'd at least give him a call to touch base and see what's up.

    • Thanks, it was at my friend's suggestion, though. I don't think he'll answer back, but worth a shot I suppose. I texted him like 5 times after he left for work (not all at once...) so it's been a day since I've said anything...

  • well, depends on the guy and depends on the situation, but it's been a couple days, I would try to make contact

    • Well I texted him like 5 times after he left for work (not all at once lol) but it's been about a day since I have.

  • Generally guys are quick to anger and quick to get over it. But if the situation is such that it's never getting resolved in a way that he can accept, things will start to fester.

    • Well, I have gotten a lot better about telling him when something's wrong, I just slipped I guess...

    • How are you about listening when he thinks something's wrong?

    • I think I listen to him well, he's willing to talk to me about stuff, I'm just really bad about talking to him when something's wrong...But he'll poke and bug and tickle me until I tell him. But if we have a fight or something, he'll retreat to his corner until this one mutual friend we have makes him...He keeps saying afterward "well why didn't you just come over?" He works all the time, I don't know when he's home...I don't know what to do.

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  • You can contact him and just see how he is doing, but yes generally let him contact you in this situation.

    • He's taken a week and a half to contact me back and even then he only did because a mutual friend made him...

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    • @ update: That sucks I'm sorry. I've been in your shoes. Break ups are hard :/

    • Well I yelled at him and I feel better...It's stupid! I'm immature, yes, but so is he! If he isn't even willing to work on it in the best relationship he's ever had how can he expect a successful marriage? It's retarded!

  • Everyone is different. Usually, it takes me a day but my boyfriend takes 3days to a week. I know it's ridiculous! It's better to talk to guy when they cool off. So , don't contact your boyfriend first, let him contact you back. If you really want to talk to him, then go ahead and contact first but if you guys argue again , he is going to wait for you and take advantage of it. your choice.

    • Really? 3 days to a week? He took a week and a half once and the only reason he talked to me was 'cuz a mutual friend made him...Then he broke up with me soon after because we were strangers to each other!

  • Am in the same issues but what he does with me is the silent treatment what i mean about that is i text him no answer so i leave him a lone but it hurts because I have deep feelings for him 😞

  • You should probably contact him since its been a few days. But I give you credit on being able to not text him for more than a day. I tried that and I couldn't do it.