If a guy doesn't get jealous does it mean he doesn't care?

I'm dating a guy who thinks jealousy is uncool and a waste of time and he's the least jealous person he knows.

I think a little bit of jealousy is healthy. It's a sign you value the relationship. (and I don't mean freakish or insane, just makes you uncomfortable)

If a guy doesn't get jealous at all, does it mean he's disconnected and doesn't care about you or the relationship?


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  • I would say so. A little jealously is completely natural and healthy I believe, so long as it is within reason. By that I mean, I believe a guy being a little jealous if his girlfriend is going on a road trip to cancun for spring break with 10 guys and will be sharing a bed with one is completely justified/understandable, but not a guy being jealous over his girlfriend merely even speaking to another guy.

    As human beings, it's completely natural to worry about the things that mean most to us. For example, if I let my friend borrow my ford p.o.s. that's about to break down on me, chances are I won't be too worried about what might happen to it. However, if I let him borrow my audi, I'm probably going to be really paranoid/worrisome. I'm going to ask him to PLEASE PLEASE be careful and always use his signal lights and so on, get it?

    I don't really believe there exists people who never feel even an inkling of jealousy, it's completely counter-intuitive to being human and knowing our limitations (i.e., we're imperfect). It doesn't matter how secure you are in yourself, you should know you're not perfect, and therefore not the most supremely desired human being that is and ever will be.

    I highly doubt those who "are secure and comfortable in the relationship and himself/herself" would not have a nerve struck if their partner spent a night having drinks with brad pitt or jennifer aniston or some super model or whatever. In that case, the only logical conclusions I could come to are either 1) that person does not really care (i.e., I am that person's ford p.o.s.) or 2) it's just a facade because face it, society frowns so heavily upon jealousy and people are deathly afraid of appearing needy just by showing they are uncomfortable with a situation 3) The person I am in a relationship is some egomaniac. I think option 2 is the most likely of them all.


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  • i don't get jealous but I care a lot. its just if I decide I don't trust you then I walk. otherwise jealousy is just a crappy place in between confidence/trust...and...low self esteem/no trust.

    • But does it mean you're more trustworthy or less than someone who does get jealous?

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    • i have never cheated or anything so it can't mean I'm less trustworthy. I think it just has more to do with a good self esteem. I don't feel threatened by another guy being around. some people are very jealous cause they know what they would do in that situation...idk. really a lot of psychology in that question. plust factor in that everybody is different= very hard to say for sure.

    • Thanks Cobra, that helps alot! :)

  • I'd have to agree with what you say. I always tell myself that I can trust my girlfriend not to let other guys get between us, but I do still allow her to go out with her male friends and such. Yes, I do get a little jealous but I don't let it plague me, it really does make me value what I have and reminds me I'm lucky to have her.

    tl;dr - Yes, a little jealous is a good thing.

  • not being jealous is from being very self secure, being jealous is from being insecure and weak.

  • No, it just means he's secure and comfortable in the relationship and himself. I am the same, I have little tolerance for jealousy, insecurity isn't healthy to me.


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  • I think that's a very good thing - being above jealousy means he's mature, not that he doesn't value the relationship.

    When I feel secure with someone I don't get jealous, because I trust them and I feel secure about their liking for me. Jealousy is to do with insecurity - for example it's only when I feel like I'm losing someone that I'll start feeling jealous, or maybe also if I like someone and they seem to like me but then also flirt with others (although in this case I usually just move on tbh).

    So consider yourself lucky! I wish I could find a guy who didn't get unneccessarily jealous!

  • No, it just means he can actually trust his girlfriend.

  • Me and my boyfriend just discussed this last night, when somone gets jealous it just means they are scared to lose you, if they don't get jealous they either are worried about losing you or just don't care.

  • No, it means he is secure with himself.