If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Is it physical or mental.... And explain why..

please answer below- don't be scared to tell us the truth

mines is indecision...


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  • The one thing I would change about myself is probably how I felt about myself in the past... I wish I could go back and get the confidence in myself that I have now... like specifically through out middle school and highschool... why? I think that I would of had a lot more fun in school and I wouldn't of had the "i hate the world attitude" I wouldn't have been so shy so distant... I think I wouldn't have gone through the depression I did if I discovered things then that I did when I got out of school... .but honestly I don't think I would be who I am now... if I would have known that then... I am a much stronger person... so maybe I wouldn't change a thing.

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  • I would be more confident too.

    I honestly like the way I look, but it's like as soon as I'm out in public, my opinion of myself just drops. It makes me hold back and feel like I'm not good enough, and I've missed so many opportunities because of that.

    I want the confidence to go after what I want, to have something and feel like I deserve it.

    • The reason your confidents drops is because you start looking at other people and see what they have that you don't you need to think more along the lines of what you have and they don't.... I am not saying judge everybody else or put them down to make yourself feel better.... but I hope you see what I mean.

    • Start looking at what you DO have instead of what you don't have... that way, ur gonna be more confident- because if you look at everyone else, and compare- ur always gonna come up short... everyone has something the other guy/girl doesn't.... you might be more flexible than me, whereas I may be stronger, and so on....

  • I wish I could change my shyness. And I will because there are things I wanna do and I'm not gonna wait anymore. I think people need to stop saying what they wish they could do, and just take risks and do it. We all have things that we wanna change, but we should still love ourselves and realize that its a personal or life-style change. I'm not wishing anymore, I'm making things happen. I'm changing the way I think,eat,and feel. Its an amazing feeling, I'm so glad I'm making these changes.

  • I'd give myself a better memory. Mine is terrible. I'm decently smart and can grasp things quickly, but I wish I didn't have to re-grasp them quite as often as I do. That and it'd be nice if I could occasionally know someone's name when they call me by mine. My office just got a lot bigger (merger) and all these new people had my name down in like a day. It's been over a month and I think I've got like 5% of their names down. Ugh.

  • i'm kinda tired of being a DD.. go down a size or two

    a D or a CC would be better

    • ARE...YOU...CRAZY???!!!! LOL j/k

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    • Lol thanx XD

    • ....boobs...

  • I wish I was more of an extrovert and that legs were naturally smooth like my moms.

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  • I would like perfect vision in both eyes. I got blinded by a knife and I would really like to see what depth perception is like.

  • i would change my body, get rid of my fat and replace with muscle.

    • How big ru then?

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    • That's big... I'm not as big as you (6' 2400, but I know watya mean- I was over 300 lbs once... that's no fun. In my view, ifya got down to around 225-250 range, you'd be a chick magnet

    • LOL yea that's what I'm hoping to =D

  • I would change my hair, I wish it was thicker, and I would change my personality some, I wish I didn't over analyze so much and I wish I didn't get stressed over "small" things :<

  • I would be more confident. For most of my life I've felt held back by my shyness and it's kept me from doing things that I might have enjoyed. If I were confidant I wouldn't need to worry about my physical appearance. I would be going out more which would help me lose weight and for things like acne I doubt I would care as much.

    • You answer ur own question, now it's up to you to get that done... I been thar, it ain't fun... Here's hoping you get that done...

    • I've been trying to think better of myself but after so many years of negative thoughts it isn't easy. Breaking up feelings of worthlessness takes time.

    • It does- I been there, it can be done

  • I wish I was handsomer

    • It's all about confidence, my man...