What to do if your boyfriend takes you for granted?

My boyfriend has been a bit distant lately and he still spends the two days he has off with me, but he'll play games while I'm around leaving me alone to watch tv, during the week he'll sometimes goes two days a week without contacting me so I feel I need to do something to make things interesting... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Your best bet would be having a few girlie nights out, this will show him that you have a life without him and he will think that while your out that there's pottential competition for you, and when he asks why you are out more and don't see him as often, let him know that when he is round he doesn't want to do anything apart from play games, this should spur him into doing more things with you, and it also helps any trust issues if any, so arrange a girlie night out on a day you see him, and see what his reactions start to be, if he gets annoyed to start, then its already working, but it won't take him long before he wants you to himself again lol, good luck,x