Can you have a purely sexual relationship?

Guys only - Can you have a long term sexual relationship, (just sex, not dating or hanging out) without developing feelings for the woman? I'm talking about 18 months, of having sex with her and only her.

  • Vote A I'd have deep feelings for her after that long
  • Vote B I'd want more than just sex at that point
  • Vote C It's just a booty call, keep it that way
  • Vote D I'd have some feelings but not want anything more
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Well apparently you can go 2 1/2 years without feeling a thing or at least that's what he told me the other night, that it meant nothing to him, so we are done! thanks to everyone for there comments and votes.


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  • Well.... I couldn't. Not for 18 months, I start to get attached after about 3 months. See, that's the big secret we (good) guys don't like to let on... it's not so easy to keep having good sex with the same woman and not fall in love with her.

    Now, like many guys, when I was younger, I used to have sex with women maybe just once or twice, where it would be purely physical. I used to call this "getting work done" (since back then girls used to just do "jobs" - handjobs, blowjobs, etc.). At my age sex isn't just F---ing, it's about sharing physical and emotional intimacy with my wife, since we see so little of each other during the day...

    So, to answer your question? No. I don't think it's possible for a (real) man to carry on a healthy, long term sexual relationship with a woman for 18 months, and feel nothing for her -- unless he's some sort of truly vacant guy....

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      I think he is attached to me that's why we still get together, but I think he just does not want to reveal his feelings because I would have expectations of him if he says "those three words"

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      You speak about 18 months. Let's talk about 3 years of sexual history. This man knows feelings are involved and yet and still is only looking for a "friend?