Would women date a 32-year-old virgin?

I am a 32-year-old man and I have never had sex. To make matters worse, I have never even been on a date or experienced any romantic relationship. They are several reasons for this for this state of affairs, such as 1) I am extremely shy around girls and hate the whole "chase" game 2) I never learned how to flirt 3) I am career oriented and pursue a lot of hobbies. However, lately I am starting to think I better get in the game or I will be left on the shelf. I have been told I am good looking (whatever that means) and I have a great career. My question is would women be totally freaked out if they knew my lack of experience?


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  • Wow. That's amazing.

    No women will not get freaked out or think you are weird.

    They will definitely think it's odd but they will feel special to be the "one" to ummmm open up a side of you you haven't discovered yet.

    So, save it for the special one who you feel truly deserves it.

    Dont go out telling people ur a virgin though. And you lack experience.

    Just wait till you know you can truly trust her.

    Although, careers will last a long time, being inlove, is a totally different experience, that money cannot buy. So, take some time off, from your super busy schedule to go out and explore.


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  • I think that there is nothing wrong with it at all. I would wait before I disclosed it to make sure that the one that you are with is serious about you. Lots of woman like men like you because for one you are sincere and second because they can teach you the things that they like! You should be proud of it.

  • It's totally ok to be virgin, But being shy is not ok. If you wanna start a relationship you need to gain confidence so you are not shy any more. I don't see any reasons for you to be shy, You say you have been told you are good looking, Then you are and You have a good career. I don't think any woman would freak out to know you are not experienced. It's never late to start romantic relationships and sex life. Just start when you feel like you are ready .

    Besides you don't need to learn how to flirt, Just be yourself, Don't be shy and act like" you are the man" , The rest comes itself.


  • It is SO hot to hear a guy is a virgin! Sex is everywhere, and to meet someone who didn't /doesn't put such importance on it is really admirable, and did I mention smokin' ass hot?!

    Thing is, since you are shy it is going to be hard to meet someone. Girls don't normally make the first move. Unless we are 100% sure. So if your interested in someone you gotta find some way to let them know it. Even if its just to come out and say how nice she always looks.

  • I would think it was adorable. (Of course if might be because I like shy guys :) ). The right woman would think was extra special if you told her you were waiting for just he right one. Learn how to flirt. It is really fun! Good luck!

  • I wouldn't worry about it at all. It's not normal in today life but it's good. Wait for someone special not some random woman that's my advice too you.


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  • Find the right girl and nothing will freak her out. But Like I've been told Have confidence about your situations. The best way to meet girls is to go where they go. Gyms, book clubs, dance clubs. Just keep your eyes open and keep sex in the back of your mind.

    Thats my thoughts, Good Luck!!