Girls: what would you think if your boyfriend got beat up by another guy?

imagine you go out on a date and a guy starts grabbing your ass. your boyfriend tries to defend you, but gets totally dominated and beat up by that guy. how would you feel?

ladies, please be honest! don't say you'd love him even more if you wouldn't.

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  • Aww...I would just love him all the more for trying to defend me. Him losing the fight wouldn't bother me, because there's always someone bigger and stronger out there. He'd get an "A" for effort, as they say.

    • Haha it's true!

    • "I don't date guys based on their fighting ability." LMAO! this is the greatest quote ever. epic!

    • What I meant by the whole "weaker and smaller" comment was that it would be a bit embarrassing if he lost to someone that he should have been able to take. You're right that there are a lot of little guys who could take anybody out, no matter what size they are. I'd get over it anyway...I don't date guys based on their fighting ability. And him losing the fight would have nothing to do with what goes on in the bedroom. :)

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  • I would happy to know that my guy stood up for me, that means a lot. And I would do whatever I could to not make him feel like less than a guy just because he it didn't turn out how he might have wanted it to.

  • I'll understand that he's most likely embarrassed , and tend to his ego. Let him know that I appreciate him trying to "protect" his lady. It's instinctual for them. At some point, I might make a little joke about it, but then give him some extra loving to let him know it's okay.

    • You've got it, Love-Guru. If your boyfriend ever gets his butt kicked in front of you, he'll be in good hands.

    • I prefer not to beat boys up...apparently it hurts their ego. ;)

    • Yeah, you're a strong girl! I bet you could beat me up ;)

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  • I would feel like it were my fault, and feel terrible that he got hurt over something so silly.

  • Ummmm. Iwould tell him thanks for trying to back me up but I can handle my ownself and then make him fel better

    • How can you handle your ownself when a physically stronger (and violent) person harasses you? of course you need help from your boyfriend!

  • well my boyfriend can't fight (I told him) and its a shame cuase I'm about 5' 1 and he's 5'7 and he hid from this kid cause he made out with that kids girlfriend like 2 years ago. if he almost got beat up I would have kickd that kids ass. but I couldn't imagine him get into a fight cause he's everyone's best friend.

    • It doesn't matter to me. but we don't have people that hate us. except this one bitch who wanted him and I got to him first because he loves me, but I rather not be mean and just "secretly" hate her, but its all cool

    • So you don't feel protected when you're with your boyfriend, hmm? how is that feeling?

  • I'll love him forever! It shows he's not afraid of bigger guys even though he might "lose" the fight. He's willing to get beaten up in my honor and well, it'll just make me love him more.

    • I'd feel the same way. I'm being honest! What matters is that he defended my honor and well, chivalry is mostly dead, so when it happens, it makes me feel special.

    • "he's not afraid of bigger guys"

      and if your boyfriend was the bigger guy that lost to the smaller guy, how would you feel then?

  • I would appreciate his effort and let him know that I respect him even more.

    • Your immaturity is making me laugh

    • My ego is much more important than what a girl thinks about me. if I feel like sh*t, I need to change it. if that means I need to be immature and fight, then I'll do it.

      your arrogance is making me laugh.

    • Oh please, that's as stupid as fighting for your guy (with another girl). I have better things to do than to resort to this crap.

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  • First off let me say this. I am military trained and boxed for 8 years I know how to hold my own. But in any situation you have to learn to Pick your battles, it does not matter how big a guy is to you. You got to pick them carefully life never happens the way you expect it too.

    Now that being said. In that situation you have to understand what he did is what he thought he was supposed to do. What usually works is talking. Not talking sh*t but talking. Words is the most powerful weapon and if that don't work... Kick him in the balls and run lol. sorry had to say that. Fighting only brings on more problems. But I will say he may have lost the fight but he gained respect from every single female he knows. Most guys would not stand up for there girl. They all say they would but all they would do is say like "YO You WANNA F***ING START?" stuff like that. you can tell he really cares for you and what I would do if I was a female would stick by him because he probably knew he was going to loose but did it without thinking its all reaction.. Keep on to him most guys won't toss down when needed..

  • Dude,

    I think we're dealing with a "Mars/Venus" thing here. Many of us guys have convinced ourselves that getting our butts kicked in front of your girlfriends and/or other girls would be the end of the world and the end of our manhood. Judging by my own experience and by these answers, most girls/women just don't see it that way. Lucky for us, they are much more forgiving and much more interested in helping us feel better after something like that. They're not out to emasculate us. They like us.

    There are SOME very few chicks out there that are shallow enough to dump a guy if he gets beat up. However, even those girls usually do things like that in casual relationships. When it comes to girls who are really in love with a guy, I would bet that the likelihood that she'd leave him because he got beaten up in front of her (and yes, even by a smaller guy) is virtually non-existent. If she lost respect for him, it probably wouldn't be for long.

    Give the ladies some credit. They're not a bunch of water buffalo waiting for the alpha buck to mate with them. Am I right, ladies?

    • I don't know what to tell you. Are all these women lying to you? Nobody is getting through to you. Like I said, maybe getting pounded in front of your girlfriend would be a good learning experience for you. In the meantime, you will obviously continue to put pressure on yourself that makes it more likely that you'll get into an needless fight that you may indeed lose in front of God knows who.

      Good luck.

    • Of course your girl would never break up with you if you got beat up. she might calm you down and say that she doesn't care, but deep down in her heart she changes her opinion on you (a little bit). it's not her fault, it's just in her "nature".

      "Oh, and GET OVER the need to get the other guy back. Girls WILL think of you as a loser when you start acting like that." I don't care what she thinks of me then. if I got beat up, I'd take revenge to clean my soul. my ego is important to me, you know?!

    • I get your point. luckily I never got beat up by someone. I doubt it will ever happen, but if it happened in front of my girl I'd feel like sh*t. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I can NOT change my feelings. I keep telling myself "what would my girl think of me if that happened?" usually guys want to protect their girls, but if they aren't even able to protect themselves how are they supposed to protect their girls? you know what I mean?

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