Girls: what would you think if your boyfriend got beat up by another guy?

imagine you go out on a date and a guy starts grabbing your ass. your boyfriend tries to defend you, but gets totally dominated and beat up by that guy. how would you feel?

ladies, please be honest! don't say you'd love him even more if you wouldn't.


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  • Aww...I would just love him all the more for trying to defend me. Him losing the fight wouldn't bother me, because there's always someone bigger and stronger out there. He'd get an "A" for effort, as they say.

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      Yeah, but girls want to feel protected! they need a protector. you might love him more, but you possibly think of him as a cute weakling. you might think: "the man I love is a sissy!" I don't think your boyfriend would be happy with that.

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      "I don't date guys based on their fighting ability." LMAO! this is the greatest quote ever. epic!

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      Haha it's true!