Boyfriend hasn't wished me happy birthday.

I got in a minor argument with my boyfriend 2 days ago . Today is my birthday it is 2:20am and he hasn't wished me happy birthday yet and for some strange reason I don't think he will. What should I say to him ? The argument really wasn't that serious for him to not wish me a happy birthday. He messaged me at 12:01am on Valentine's day. I thought he would do the same for my brithday.


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  • I wish there was a way to slap you over GAG.. Have you thought that maybe he's sleeping? Or that he will tell you during the day? If he doesn't say something by 5pm tomorrow then you might have some problems but you are seriously insane if you are getting upset because he didn't text you at 2 in the morning.

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      By the way, Happy birthday

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      That is exactly what I was thinking when I read the question. lol

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