Boyfriend hasn't wished me happy birthday.

I got in a minor argument with my boyfriend 2 days ago . Today is my birthday it is 2:20am and he hasn't wished me happy birthday yet and for some strange reason I don't think he will. What should I say to him ? The argument really wasn't that serious for him to not wish me a happy birthday. He messaged me at 12:01am on Valentine's day. I thought he would do the same for my brithday.


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  • I wish there was a way to slap you over GAG.. Have you thought that maybe he's sleeping? Or that he will tell you during the day? If he doesn't say something by 5pm tomorrow then you might have some problems but you are seriously insane if you are getting upset because he didn't text you at 2 in the morning.


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  • Well, not to be an a**hole, but to your boyfriend, the argument WAS that bad enough for him not to speak to you in order for you or him to "cool off"...even if it is your birthday.

    Plus remember that messaging you 2hrs and 20mins into a holiday to give you wishes is an exception, not the rule.

  • It's 2:20am as in, it's only been your birthday for two and half hours? At least wait until daylight to start worrying...geez!

  • DId he wish you happy birthday?

    • yes he wished me happy birthday ... thanks for the concern :)

  • Everybody is making assumptions while only 2 people said what's needed to be said

    Are you f***ing kidding me ? Wait till at least mid day ,

  • He is probably dumping you

  • last year I still wished my ex girlfriend on her birthday the day after we had argument and she didn't really cared,and I am planning to wish this year too though It's been a while since we spoke to each other and I believe she wouldn't care about me wishing her

  • Wow. When guys think of how so many girls are dumb idiots, girls like you come to mind.

    It's the middle of the night. He's probably going to wish you a happy birthday in the morning, like a normal human being.


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  • He's asleep...? If he doesn't by 2:20 am tomorrow, then you have an issue.

  • Are you serous? So let me guess this straight, you think it's okay to fight with someone because they don't wish you happy birthday 2 hours and 20 minutes after the day has began? And even worse, you don't seem to appreciate the fact that he wished you happy Valentine's day. Girl, wake up. The world doesn't revolve around you. Like others said, he was probably either sleeping or really tired since it was such a late hour. Clean up your act or your going to loose him.

    • ok thank you ! ... what should I say if he doesn't wish me happy birthday before 5pm ?

  • Seriously? Don't freak out until it's like 9pm next time. Also, wishing someone a happy birthday doesn't mean he won't dump you. I wished a guy happy birthday and dumped him a few days later.

  • He is probably asleep...its only been 2 hours. Do you have anything planned with him on your birthday?

    • lol thanks ... nope its long distance. ... which makes it worse

  • If he doesn't contact you in a few days to explain himself and to talk with you than I guess you two are better of separate. I know how you feel, it sucks when someone who is really close to you doesn't wish you a happy birthday.

  • Maybe forgot.. I really forget dates .. and guys aren't any better than girls at remembering dates lol so maybe he forgot .. or maybe he's just an a**hole..

  • If it's only 2 hours and 20 minutes into your birthday then I wouldn't worry about it. Like she said, he is probably asleep and maybe he has a surprise for you later in the day. Don't get upset unless until its the day after your birthday and he still never said anything about it.

  • Try giving it some time. He probably had a very long night ( probably staying up late on video games lol or just plain being tired from work and such). I used to date a guy in high school that would go to bed early all the time, well my point is that you should wait until he fully wakes up whenever that time may be. Plus if the argument was not that bad ( hopefully not) then if I were you, I wouldn't worry about anything. You got a keeper.

  • If it's unusual for him not to do it immediately, it may be a sign that he's more angry than you thought, or he may be checking out, emotionally.

    Did you ever get a Happy Birthday from him?