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Society & Culture

Society & Culture

Learn how to deal with life's many social relationships! Unsure how to behave at work events, or deal with people in public? Ask your questions!


Quit Using the Term "Coonass"

It's offensive and if you refer to a Cajun as. A Coonass 2/3 of them will be offended. Get it right that no Cajun will be embarrassed to be Cajun. The Cajun people are very proud as they should be if their heritage....


Why Men Should Not Have the Right to Vote (Satire)

I stumbled across a satirical checklist crafted by suffragettes in the year 1915, arguing that men should not be allowed to vote, by reversing common arguments opposing votes for women. Inspired by their genius,...


Accepting and Rejecting (Poetry)

Whenever you're offered something, A need to make a choice is popped: To accept what the thing will bring, Or to reject before it's dropped. Sometimes, you feel like accepting, For you would want a commitment With the...


What the World Would be Like if All Guys Were Like Me

What I mean is what if every male had the same interests, personality, way of life and clothing style as me? Many things would obviously be different. I'm surprised nobody has done a mytake like this yet. I'm not saying...


Social Media - The Cause of Many Problems, and the Bane of Society

Technology. How far it has brought us and what we've become. When I was a kid long many moons ago, we didn't have all this stuff. We had the Atari, the Commodore 64/128, the 1st Apple Computer. Nintendo, Sega Genesis....


From New Age Feminism to Police Shootings: How to Engage in Proper Discourse

Every day we consume media and it is rife with people from this group or that telling you to be on their side of an argument, and often thoroughly criticizing you if you hold an opposing opinion. Whether it be tumblr...


Both Anti-Feminists and Many Feminists Are Wrong About Whether Feminism Advocates "Equality"

As a note: GAG insists on putting this MyTake into "Sexual Behavior" and I have no idea why. If someone is able to put it into "Society & Culture" instead, that'd be great, thanks. Whether or not I'm a feminist is...


Why Dangerous Assumptions Can Cost Lives

(DISCLAIMER: I know this article is about the touchy subject of the North Miami shooting, but it is only meant to deal with one aspect of it: the way it was reported to 911. I am purposefully disregarding dozens of...


Boobs and Lipstick: A Poem

I could tell you about how I graduated from college, but even with my big t shirt on, you assume I have no knowledge She has lipstick on, she has long brown hair, she minds her own business, but she is a bitch because you...


Why I Am Not An Equalitarian

1.Guys complaints about feminism: In a movememt called equalitarism I would expect men wanting their rights and women rights too and the same way around. But most guys don't like/support feminism because it is about...


Why the Term "Dress for Success" is Outdated and Should Be Abandoned

There was a time when this term had meaning. The fact was that the only jobs that pulled in six figures easy were jobs like lawyer or doctor; you wore a suit or a lab coat to work. It was a fairly formal work place. The...


How Minorities Can Succeed and Quit Bitching About White People

Nowadays it feels like everywhere on the news there's either a terrorist attack, a cop killed by another Black guy or Black Lives Matter spreading lies about unarmed Black men being shot by police. So I decided that it is...


Where I Stand On Police Violence Against Blacks, and Racism

I have to admit it's been pretty appalling for me to witness racism lately here on GaG concerning the racial issues with the police in America. Of course, it isn't the first time I've seen it on the web, as I also saw it...


10 Things That Made Me Accept My Country (Greece) By Some Degree

It’s not the best country where I live at (Greece), but I realize I must deal with what I have, and be thankful because I might have been born in some Central African country where life standards are way worse. (In...


GaG User Video: The All-Important Question, "How to be a Good Person?"

So, I decided to make a video based on a topic this girl @LaVilaine shared, and I uploaded it on my YouTube channel. I hope you watch the video and see your opinions here, and sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker :)


Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

Hello Gagers! In case you don't know what a mixed girl tag is, it's basically a bunch of questions people have about mixed people. A lot of people are curious as to what it was like for us growing up and they tend to be...


Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know

Oh dear god I see it all the fucking time on here. Ghostbusters is SJW propaganda, Star Wars is SJW Propaganda, Mad Max is SJW propaganda, Star Trek Beyond is SJW propaganda. Just fucking stop it. Lets start with...


Why Female Feminists and Women Should Man Up

In The Mask You Live In (2015), Jennifer Siebel Newsom explores what she perceives to be harmful notions about masculinity in American culture. In American culture, men cannot release emotions. If they are depressed,...


The Dangers of Going Overboard With PC, Coming From a Liberal

An open letter to people somehow more left than me: Hi, I'm a feminist, leftist, gay pride loving liberal. That was a little redundant, but you get the point. I've posted a few takes about feminism (from a positive light)...


The Voice of A Generation Lost: The Words of Pink Floyd

For five decades, the mesmerizing lyrics and the fluid tunes of Pink Floyd have ebbed and flowed through the hearts of listeners. The artistry, the poetry, of their music cannot be lost, as their message goes deeper and...


Just Because Someone Has a Rap Sheet Doesn't Make It Okay to Shoot

I've seen a shitload of people use the "it's not that bad, the guy was a criminal with a rap sheet" excuse for Michael Brown and Alton Sterling. Well guess what, that doesn't fucking matter. A cops job is to protect and...


The Ugly Truth About Mood Swings

Have you ever been in a certain mood one minute and seemingly out of nowhere it completely changes? One minute you're all smiles and everything is good, and the next minute you're crying uncontrollably? Or extremely...


Tourist Destination: New York, A Great Place to Live...If You Can Adapt

New York.... A place so nice, its named twice :) New York, one of the 4 boroughs of a conglomerate call New York City Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and lastly, the most forgotten borough, which makes Rudolph the...


Sometimes Hypocrisy is a Good Thing

We can probably agree that the hypocrite is one of the most despised individuals on the planet. He may not be as hated as the child molester, the charity fraudster or the war criminal but he's certainly down there. I am...


People Who Should Never be Allowed to Vote or Hold Office

Oh boy this is going to piss a whole hell of a lot of people off. 1. Anyone 70 or over I honestly think that after hitting 70 you should be allowed to vote anymore. Here is why, The average life expectancy in the U.S is...


People Need to Stop Using "Life's Not Fair" As an Excuse in Politics

Life's not fair- We have all been told this at some point and to be honest is there any advice that is more obvious than that. OF COURSE LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I have never met anyone who actually thinks that life is fair....


The Beauty of Black Men Being With White Women: Things I Love and Hate About It

It really has been a thing between us since slave days, and I don’t think anybody really knows why. Or there may be more than one reason. We’ve always been fascinated with each other, and it hasn’t always been good or...


Why I Vehemently Oppose "Black Lives Matter"

You will all also recall I was predicting amped up violence months ago in a prior mytake three months ago... as usual, all sensitive people click away now and save your souls. If you can watch a horror movie without being...


What Sense is There in Being "Lady-Like" These Days?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yourself or another woman as being a ‘strong’, ‘independent’ woman? What traits do women generally revered by most females in society as role models, someone to...


Do Vegans and Vegetarians Pick and Choose Their Morals?

I've been doing a lot of digging into vegetarians and vegans and their common arguments about the killing and pain we cause these poor poor animals, but do they only care about what fits their agenda? (V's are vegetarians...


Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty

Although I believe that it is important for everyone to be fit and well, I also believe that a fit person is not necessarily a beautiful person. There are many reasons why a fit person may not be considered beautiful: -...


An Angry Rant About the Selective Blindness of Social Justice Warriors

So I'm not going to bother to spare feelings here. If you are someone who believes in this imaginary "wage gap" or think that sexualizing people is wrong you are a blind moronic narrow minded simpleton who needs to DIE!...


The Strengths of Atheism

I am the author of a previous myTake that defends religion. Inspired by the vitriolic comment against atheists, I write this myTake in defense of atheism. Atheism means the lack of belief of gods. In defense of atheism,...


Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes That Need to Die

Everyone has heard someone making fun and or showing bigotry to another person just because they are of a certain race and or ethnicity. Usually you hear the person using some ridiculous stereotype to insult the person,...


3 Reasons You Should Vote for Cthulhu!

1. He doesn't give a shit about political correctness The great old one doesn't care about your feelings. The great Cthulhu doesn't even really give a shit that we exist. The stars become right and he rises up and ends...


7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

Fricken Feminists I'm going to be real with you, GaG. It's not just radical feminists for me. It's feminism. The very definition of the word. The way the movement exists today. It promotes women it doesn't promote...


How To Question Christianity In An Educated Manner

This myTake makes a flippant, uneducated comment about Christianity. If you want to make a flippant comment about Christianity, then you should do so in an educated manner. Educated critiques of Christianity actually...


5 of the Strangest Things That Have Been Banned

There are plenty of things that have been banned, some have some form of logic behind them whereas others not so much. Here are somethings that have been banned for no good reason what ever. 1. In the U.K, certain types...


Breaking Free from the Invisible Prison that Enslaves Us All

This is something that I'm very passionate about because most people don't think about it. This myTake is about how humanity has been locked up in an invisible prison and how we can break free from it. This will be life...


Presidential Election 2016: Please Do Not Vote Out Of Fear

The stage is set, the actors take their places on the stage, opposite to each other. One is a billionaire reality TV star who has bankrupted several companies in his life, relying on the government to foot the bill, a...