Will I ever see or hear from him again?

Its been about 6months since me and my x broke up, and I still haven't heard from him. We were together for short of a year and he was my first love and I was his longest relationship by a long shot. I know he is sensitive but he is very good at covering up his emotions. Originally he was head over... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • He does care, but if as he said he was going through changes and he of found it a hard time and then you went and dumped him, I'm not defending him but I know how it feels. I know how much your first love means to you but maybe him distancing himself from you is good move, it will give you a chance to look for someone new, I know it hurts at first but it's been a while since you've broke up and it's unlikely that you'll get back together and even if so, you'll always have a doubt in your mind whether he'll go through another strange patch, it's going to be a tough move but it's something you've got to do, think yourself strong and learn from past mistakes, I'm sure you can do it - if you managed to hold a year relationship with this past guy then that's one good point already! Getting too know more new guys and getting your life back on track is a wonderful feeling, I've never doubted the decision to move on and although it might not seem like the best idea now but you'll look back at the memories with your ex and do a big smile. I wish you the best of luck :)