Girl has boyfriend but asks me to lunch?

I was driving this girl crazy in class, making her laugh and punch me, and right after she asked me to lunch. I went with her, but from overhearing her talking to her friend, I discovered she has a boyfriend. Does it mean anything that she asked me to lunch?

Most Helpful Girl

  • it means she probably likes you and is either a cheater, or doesn't know what she wants, or is still playing the field. my question is why would she flirt with you and then ask you to lunch with her if she had a boyfriend? a girl won't ask a guy to tag along unless they like him in one way or another.

    • That's why I'm confused...the next day, she ignored me in the hall, but when I started talking to someone else, she came up to us and then I teased her again and she said that my joking turned her on. But then she didn't really talk to me the 2 days next to that because we didn't sit next to each other.

    • Sounds like she is playing games hard core. She likes the attention you give her but it is all on her terms. How old is this girl?

    • 23 I think