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Girl I like invited me to Thanksgiving dinner with her family...

Well thanksgiving's coming up and this girl I like invited me to have dinner with her family. It'll be me, her, her mom, along with her older sister... Show More

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  • Hm, well. First off, canceling with some excuse is lame. If she's known you long enough she'll see right through it and it won't help you at all. That being said, I don't think going is going to help you in the way you are hoping it will. I don't know how long ago mr. ex left the picture but she certainly doesn't seem over it...which makes you rebound cuddle buddy if you try anything at this point. If it's a mixed bag for you and you are that confused I'd say get the dirty laundry out in the open. Tell her that you'd like to go but it seems like she's not really that interested in you coming and that you feel more like a seat warmer than an actual friend being invited over. She is acting wishy washy which usually means one of three things. Either she's interested but too confused and or hurt right now to put herself out there or she's a flake who is stringing you along or my personal favorite...she isn't really interested but she has no clue she's sending you mixed signals. That happens more often than you might think.

    • Well her ex (of like 3 and half months I wanna say) or what her motives for inviting me are--intentional or unintentional--arent really my concerns. just the situation at hand. Should I take a chance (her parents have already dubbed me an honorary member of the fam for the night) or just flake and give her an excuse (nothing lame, just something that lets her know--sorry but it seems a little unecessary for me to go

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  • Be honest...the truth is always the right path. Tell her you will think about it because you don't want to be anyones replacement and your not sure why she's asking you, and make sure you add that she may not be consious about it, but your not a vegetarian so if you do attend to that dinner, its because of her. period.

  • you never know, she might like you that's why she's asking you.

    if you cancel on her, you will be sending a signal that you don't like her.

    then that may ruin the chances of you proving to her you like her.

    then you guys will never date...

    I say just go on the Thanksgiving date to show her you like her and to be nice to her as a friend.

    besides you said you weren't going to be with your family.

    • Yea that's definitely on my mind. I figure if I want her to possibly see me as more, I might just have to take a chance do something like this to really make her see my potential. This may be the kick I need, but its always in the back of my mind that if I go--she'll just see me as that dependable friend type. I appreciate what you said tho, very true

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  • The way I see it, free food. Probably cold, sh*tty food, unless her family is comprised of expert-level Vegitarian chefs. But it's still free.

    If you see yourseldf slipping into the Friend Zone, going to this dinner isn't helping your chances with her. But canceling is definitely going to hurt your chances. So you're kind of stuck. You have to go.

    You may just want to get a feel for what you might be to her before you go acting out after dinner. Nonetheless, don't use tomorrow to dig yourself a bigger hole and don't portray yourself as someone who only has platonic intentions withthis girl. Say her mom asks you if you're seeing anyone, joke about seeing her daughter. Stuff like that.

    Godspeed, John Glen.

  • If you really like her, this could be a good chance to express your feelings after dinner or so.. and a good chance to score points with her family.

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