Why do some women only care about money?

what the hell is it with women who only care about money

is it that they can love or is it that they rather be lazy and just aim for something easy in life and marry some rich guy instead of working for her own, really hate those women


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  • It's not that they only care about money, it's just that if a guy is available who has money, the woman is attracted to that, & may not reven realize it. Women are future orientated & always worry about what tomorrow will bring. When you have money, many of your problems go away, & that appeals to women. They just don't want to have to worry & consider having $ a saftey net. Most women don't even realize this & say they are looking for love. You only notice you are attracted to rich men when the opportunity presents itself. The same is true for men, they say they don't only care about looks, but as soon as a hot blond walks by, they are all over like white on rice. It is just who we are, men look for the best looking partners for mating purposes, & women look for best secured men for safety reasons.


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  • Not all women are like that and the ones who are, are just selfish bitches.

  • I already have money so I look for a guy who has about the same amout as me, so I don't get a guy with less money that I might have to support. I don't do the whole girl supporting her man money wise. I think the man should be the head of the house, he should be the main provider. That's just how I was raised. But I also belive a woman should be able to not have to be supported by a man. I think she should make her own, and not just sit around the house.

  • its sad but there are a lot of chicks out there like that. the dude below is just butthurt

    if it was as easy as marrying into a rich family I would, but when it comes to being in a relationship I look for a lot more then 'money' its deffinatly a plus but its one of the last things I look for.. looks yes.. they come first, he doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous but yes I have to be physically attracted to him. and like looks don't matter to the butt hurt anon guy, if they didn't I'm sure he could find a chick that doesn't just want money. personality plays the biggest role when looking for someone to spend your life with, nobody wants to be with a tard with no commen sense, or a weenie douche that bows down to everyone. I like manly men even if I'm a bit misstreated. id look at junk size before money and that doesn't make a diff to me either

  • you're poor aren't you? and bitter?

    money matters, like it or not

    • i am not poor,

      bitter yes, so much crap about qualities and confidence and personality and the bitch goes for money

      and I am aware that money matters, you need it to buy stuff(keeping it simple, its kind of my thing)

      but when you leach of someone that pisses me off and its just really pathetic

      especially when feminazis cry about women being equal to men or better then them and you see a cheap sh*t **** go for some guy just for his money and then divorce him for a nice slice of his hard earned

    • Seems like you maybe poor. Just a guess.

  • I hate those women too :) When I'm with my boyfriend, I don't even remember money exists, I really don't care about it, all I care about is that he gives me his LOVE!


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  • women are whores, men are johns, plain and simple. Anyone that has functioning eyes can see that women date/f***.marry for money and not love. When you have money, love can/may/will develop. For myself, I prefer the company of women that trade sex for money(and no, before some woman poster turns into a catty bitch and says I HAVE TO PAY FOR SEX because it is the only way I will get any ass-wrong-I sell sexual fulfillment via highly charged sex to mostly working girls and a few uptight professionals/divorcess that aren't being fulfilled sexually at home or on the dating scene-I sell multiple, effortless orgasms to women that need those without the strings of a relationship, so before any women try to acquire my balls in responding here, just know you can only rent my sack for a reasonable fee, 3 hour minimum) because "working girls are honest and hard-working and take care of the needs of men they don't know or hardly know(if he is a regular) and this makes them the saviours of men. Imagine a first-world nation with no women willing to drop the mind games along with their linen for a few bucks to a man that is willing to pay; the streets would be teeming with rapists and murderers of women and I will not accept either. Working girls are not just saving potential rapists/murderers of women from themselves, they are saving men like me from going active and clearing the streets of such monsters, thereby saving me from becoming a monster to destroy that which I hate the most. Make any sense? The woman looking for the house, car, cottage in the woods, 2.5 kids plus savings and retirement package is the worst sort of whore because she is the biggest f***ing liar to herself primarily and everyone around her because she pretends she isn't selling her ass to get those things. The difference between the working girls that I service(quite well and often in fact, their orgasm is my art) and the "married/respectable woman is that the working girl is giving up sex for a few hundred or more and the plastic liar/c*nt is getting everything she wants for hardly any sex or none at all(usually after marriage or the first kid arrives) - a working girl will keep herself fit and clean for a decade and longer whereas as soon as most women get married to a man with money, they let themselves go in the most horrific way and then bitch and complain about how uselss there man/men are with their GFs while filing their nails sitting on the ever-growing-asses over a few buckets of Hagen-Daas and many bottles of red wine. For the guy that posted, I suggest you do this; stop trying to find a girlfriend and instead improve yourself and then learn about the erogenous zones on a woman and learn techniques to make them reach intense climax at your hands and then go and find some working girls to ply your craft on. They will love you for it without the hindrance of "love" and all of the traps and strings that go with that and they will take care of you financially and sexually

    • i agree with you, I live in latin America an you see that hunt for money sh*t in about every woman(or a green card) heck my uncle that is a banker married one and a girl I went to high school already had her sugar daddy in the pocket! sadly its a f***ed up world an part of me is dead because of the times those bitches have used me to "perfect their technique", I have hope but maybe because I am young and still idealistic but any ways I have taken your advice and thanks!

  • I have had two dates where one gal asked what kind of car I drove, told her, wrong answer and she was cold as ice after I told her. Next date the discussion goes to jobs etc tell her what I do for a living, wrong answer. I am sure, many women don't want a guy just for his money but they do want security, sometimes it can be material security. It is tough after 23 years of being married and 49 years old. Good luck.

  • Lol gold diggers lol

  • why does my woman only care about herself needs wants and money but dont care about my needs wants likes or want to do what i like to do sometimes and other

  • Thats how chicks are today dude. All women care about today is your jawline, your 6pack and your bank account. The average guy doesn't stand a chance. They all think they deserve "The Bachelor"

    • So true. I went on a date with a gal and she asked what kind of vehicle I drive, it wasn't good enough for her and I was toast. And no it wasn't a piece of junk. Talk about guys being shallow and caring what a woman looks like. Many women want it all or none.