Why do some women only care about money?

what the hell is it with women who only care about money

is it that they can love or is it that they rather be lazy and just aim for something easy in life and marry some rich guy instead of working for her own, really hate those women


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not that they only care about money, it's just that if a guy is available who has money, the woman is attracted to that, & may not reven realize it. Women are future orientated & always worry about what tomorrow will bring. When you have money, many of your problems go away, & that appeals to women. They just don't want to have to worry & consider having $ a saftey net. Most women don't even realize this & say they are looking for love. You only notice you are attracted to rich men when the opportunity presents itself. The same is true for men, they say they don't only care about looks, but as soon as a hot blond walks by, they are all over like white on rice. It is just who we are, men look for the best looking partners for mating purposes, & women look for best secured men for safety reasons.