What do guys do at sleepovers?

or "spending the night" or whatever you call it? just wondering

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  • Lol. I've always wonderd what women did at slumber parties. Lol well the last sleep over I had that wasn't party related was years ago. And I told a ghoast story to my friend Chris about a man with a missing hand. The guy had a hook in place of his hand. So at the end of the story I pulled my hand out from the covers and there was the hook.lol it was supposed to be scary. But that was 1990 a long time ago. But guys used to try to scare each other back then with ghoast stories. After that most of the sleepovers were more accidental I'm to drunk to drive home sleepovers. And that's with guys and girls.so that's just hung over tired people. But the classic sleepover. Ghoast stories. Another one I went to in 1988 we told scarey stories. I tride to scare everyone by saying imagine Richard (this weird kid we knew) imagine his head flying around the room. Then splitting into 12 heads and all flying around the room in circles breaking things. It was supposed to scare them but everyone just started cracking up laughing. I'm a grown man now so you realize this was ages ago. Yes I was a pretty goofy teenager though lol.

    • Wow things sure change with newer generations.

    • Man I miss the 80's and 90's, ghost stories were still cool then. We need a revival!