What do guys do at sleepovers?

or "spending the night" or whatever you call it? just wondering


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  • Lol. I've always wonderd what women did at slumber parties. Lol well the last sleep over I had that wasn't party related was years ago. And I told a ghoast story to my friend Chris about a man with a missing hand. The guy had a hook in place of his hand. So at the end of the story I pulled my hand out from the covers and there was the hook.lol it was supposed to be scary. But that was 1990 a long time ago. But guys used to try to scare each other back then with ghoast stories. After that most of the sleepovers were more accidental I'm to drunk to drive home sleepovers. And that's with guys and girls.so that's just hung over tired people. But the classic sleepover. Ghoast stories. Another one I went to in 1988 we told scarey stories. I tride to scare everyone by saying imagine Richard (this weird kid we knew) imagine his head flying around the room. Then splitting into 12 heads and all flying around the room in circles breaking things. It was supposed to scare them but everyone just started cracking up laughing. I'm a grown man now so you realize this was ages ago. Yes I was a pretty goofy teenager though lol.

    • Wow things sure change with newer generations.

    • Man I miss the 80's and 90's, ghost stories were still cool then. We need a revival!

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  • I think I was in 2 sleep overs my whole life, though I also did a lot of camping, so I guess technically that's a sleep over in some ways.

    I think we did video games and had pizza. Typical little kid stuff.

    And I did take a nap with a girlfriend once. I was bored since I wasn't tired and she didn't want to cuddle. I'll admit there I was probably a bit of a pain in the butt because I get restless and bored when I spend too much time in bed.

    Other than that, I think that's considered a "girl thing" a lot of the time.

  • Good question, usually they just game, watch tv or they don't even have a "sleep over". They go out and try to think their all that in the middle of the night doing whatever they want. Only on really rare occasions do some guys do some gay shit like compare penis sizes. It's happened before to someone I talked to(random rambling), but usually its normal stuff like gaming all night or going out and doing whatever they feel like for the night, there's also blazing if they got the produce.

    Sleepovers kind of seem strange when a guy gets to the age of about 15+ because others wonder what do they do?

    • Haha

      yai thought guys thought it was strange

      jw cause my friend and I were at my house for the night and 2 guys wee like stalking us when we were at our pool.

      they seemed like they were doing stuff together for the night and it made me wonder what you they did.

    • If its just 2 guys, it would seem like their intimate but that's just from looking at it from a distanced perspective.. In other words if 2 guys just have a sleepover together for the fun of it, it labels them as gay if they talk about it in front of others.

      Who knows maybe one guy is really cute looking and the other guy wants to get lucky and is curious if you know what I mean.

    • Ya

      i know what you mean

      but they didn't seem gay

      i guess

      they were skaters

      but one was really hot

      so I guess so


      that's weird

  • we drink beer until we pass out. Then we sleep wherever we fall down. And we sleepover.

  • I don't know, I've never had a "sleepover".

    What we do is sometimes crash at each other's place, drink, listen to music, play on our Xbox's or whatever, talk about gigs, TV shows, anything and everything really.

    Than about 4-5 in the morning we MAY decide to finally nod off on the sofa's, floor, whatever. If your lucky your mate who lives there will offer to get you a pillow or something, but mostly sleeping arrangements are ad-hoc and insufficient for a truly comfortable nights sleep.

    Assuming the alcohol coursing through your blood is going to allow you to nod off. For a depressant it seems to make sleep quite difficult. :)

  • Video games, pretend we've gotten laid, talk about chicks, read comics, watch sports, pretend we've gotten laid, and drink.

  • videogames, or funny movies, or badass movies.

  • sit around drink and eat stuff, talk about girls and sex but mostly we watch movies and play videogames and that's about it.

  • rape midgets

  • play games call girls wrestle lol make fun of other people basically

  • Depends who is staying over, usually we just put our fingers in each other.

  • well, all the sleepover's (or "spending the nights" it really doesn't matter) I've been to. we played video games, talked about girls, just plain talked about stuff (whether stupid stuff, or serious)

    and all that jazz

    occasionally, porn and jacking off is involved. but that's only happened to me once

    • Do you jack off in front of each other?!!?

    • that's what me and my best friend do! ill have to say that's the most fun time of the night! (watching p*rn and jacking off)

  • Me and my friends will just play video games, watch a lot of funny YouTube videos, eat, things like ding dong ditching, listen to music, eat, occasional LAN party, etc. We'll exchange p*rn videos so we can watch them when we get home, talk about girls that are good looking or discuss rumors about her. Eat once again, when it gets to a certain time in the sleepover we'll have a deep conversation about life in general, that part never fails to happen in our supremely manly gathering. That's about it, for me anyways.

  • Had one last night we play video games do some physical stuff sports ect. And joke around.

  • We have sex, nope only joking. we LAN through the night!


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  • Well, when my boyfriend tells me about the things he does when spending the night at a guy friend's house, all he talks about are the video games they have played or playing ding dong ditch at one in the morning. Since I have known him and his friends for a really long time, it's actually quite interesting to hear about the things that happen.

    Hope this helps!

    = )

  • I read these,m and they sound the same as a chick sleepover, but you don't ding dong ditch your gym teacher at midnight...

  • they have hot steamy pillow fights just like girls do :D