Girls: if a guy has a picture of you as his wallpaper?

I set a pic of a girl I like as the wallpaper on my phone. She didn't send it to me, I got it off Facebook. Do you think if she saw she would think its creepy, cute, or what?

Oh, um I shouldve added that were very close friends and.the only reason were not dating is because she moves away in a month


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  • If it's my boyfriend: cute.

    If it's a friend and the picture is of him and I together: cute.

    If it's a friend and it's just of me: creepy.

    If it's an acquaintance or stranger: SUPER CREEPY.

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  • Creepy.

    Coming from experience as this freaky creepy stalkerish weirdo guy move happens to me a lot.

    Even with guys I don't know but know me...

  • That's really creepy. Even if I liked the guy, I think all my feelings would evaporate on the spot.

  • I'd be creeped out.

  • I would think you had a crush on me and freak out because I am not ready for a relationship right now. But if I liked you back, I would smile because I would take this as a sign that you like me too!

    If I didn't know you very well I might be more then a little creeped out.

  • creepy

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  • DEFINITELY creepy, especially since that girl didn't send it to you. Change your wallpaper now man.