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What is Raj's accent, from the Big Bang theory?

Does anyone else find it extremely sexy? It doesn't sound like an Indian accent. I really don't see why he is on the show because he so hot unlike... Show More

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  • Yes it is an Indian accent and yes I find it extremely sexy, I know what he looks like topless :)

    • Lol @ thinking Indian accents are sexy.

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  • You really aren inrerested in any answer that disagrees with you, so why on earth did you bother to ask?

    • lol, another jealous guy? there's a difference between calling me an ass and laughing at guys because he is a racist white supremacist . You racist piece of sh*t

    • lol

    • Calling people you don't know racists is at least ignorant, if not racist itself. You're judging people based only on prejudice!

  • Really?I'm Indian but I'm glad I don't sound like him

    • Amen xD

  • I think there are a whole group of Indian people who have this unusual Indian/british accent. Just my guess

  • Raj is average. =)

    • lol, then that makes you a 0.5/10?

    • if you say so :P

    • no comparison whatsoever lol

What Girls Said 4

  • Its indian accent hun.My dad's end name is Raj...

    • Thanks hun. ;-D

    • welcome hun:D

  • Oh...he's a geek too. He fits in quite well. I find him so funny. Last night's ep was really funny, eh?

    • yes

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    • lol, there are a lot of racist people on here who came with a full out insult troll on me like Christillekelly just for thinking a brown guy is hot. She really disgusts me, always spreading her hate and racism or troll everyone/back racists up

    • Oooooh.

  • LOL. That is definitely Indian. It's just how an Indian accent sounds when the person has been overseas for a bit. This made me giggle ^_^

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