Kick in the nuts or Giving Birth, What hurts more?

OK, this is like an aged old debate, I was arguing with a good friend, and she says Birth and I say Kick in the nuts. What do you say?

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Pft, guys what the hell! support the male race here, Ball shots hurt soo bad!


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  • hmm... I can't really vote. I know it hurts to get kicked in the.. yeah. and I know birth hurts (my mom reminds me everyday how much it hurt! yuck! XP) so realy, each of them are equal. like it was said, if a guy gets kicked in that area and then they see someone get kicked there, it hurts. and a girl goes through labor for a long time. but afterwards, they girl doesn't hurt as much. and then there is no after effect for labor. once your through, you don't go through it again. unless ofcourse, if you get another baby.

    each one is equally painful so really, I can't vote on this one... sorry! 8-\

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      That was a damn good answer!

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      Thanks! : )