Kick in the nuts or Giving Birth, What hurts more?

OK, this is like an aged old debate, I was arguing with a good friend, and she says Birth and I say Kick in the nuts. What do you say?

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  • Birth
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Pft, guys what the hell! support the male race here, Ball shots hurt soo bad!


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  • hmm... I can't really vote. I know it hurts to get kicked in the.. yeah. and I know birth hurts (my mom reminds me everyday how much it hurt! yuck! XP) so realy, each of them are equal. like it was said, if a guy gets kicked in that area and then they see someone get kicked there, it hurts. and a girl goes through labor for a long time. but afterwards, they girl doesn't hurt as much. and then there is no after effect for labor. once your through, you don't go through it again. unless ofcourse, if you get another baby.

    each one is equally painful so really, I can't vote on this one... sorry! 8-\

    • That was a damn good answer!

    • Thanks! : )

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  • i know this was 2 months ago, but it popped up on my page as a poll. it's ludacris that you would think that getting kicked in the balls is ANYWHERE near as painful as going through childbirth. you stand in front of a man with a nine iron and get hit repeatedly for 24 hours and then say it's more painful than childbirth. child birth is essentially pushing something the size of watermelon out through an opening (one made of flesh and muscle with a TON a nerve endings) the size of a small kiwi fruit.

    and yes, some women volunteer to go through it more than once, but then why do guys play street hockey and do grinds on railings with their skateboards without any protection? boys willfully put themselves in positions where they very likely could get wacked in the nuts. besides, I've heard men say that passing a kidney stone through their urethra is more painful than being hit in the balls.

    • You realize that a guy can pass out from pain after a nut shot right? You also know that a fairly tough guy can be brought down to the ground for hours with tears in his eyes, and guys can even die from trauma from a severe genital injury? You also fail to leave some things out; for example, the vagina can expand out to pass the child, like a snake swallowing an egg (not the best example, but you know what I mean). Also, women get morphine during the pregnancy. Now, I'm not saying its not painful, or that the pain as bad as a typical nut shot, but I'm pretty sure its less painful than being hit with a nine iron for 24 hours.

      Also, guys are risk takers and tend to be less likely to take proper precautions (which can end in DEATH by the way, so don't act like us not walking around with cups on somehow means that testicles pain is not a big deal). Also, it would take a pretty good nut shot to equal the pain of a pregnancy, and most nut shots aren't that precise.

  • ummmm I can't imagine how a kick could hurt as bad as something that's drawn out over hours and hours...but then I am not a guy so I can't really say.

  • How can you even compare the two? One is a process the body goes through, the other is just an action the body receives. Regardless of the fact that they both involve pain, they're two completely different things.

    When I hear about guys dying from a kick to the balls the way some women die in childbirth, I might consider the two to be on the same level.

  • Birth can last 48 or more hours, a kick in the balls only hurts for a few minutes. You do the math.

    • A kick in the balls hurts a lifetime and probably hurts in the after life too

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    • Also, it takes 6 weeks to recover from giving birth naturally; longer for a c-section. 80% of women require episiotomies, which if you don't know, is when the doctor slices you open from your hoo-ha to your ass. Have that done and then talk to me about pain.

    • I call bullsh*t on 80% of women requiring episiotomies (also they do that to make the birth EASIER). It is debated as being a vastly overused procedure. Also, do you have half a baby poking out of your vagina for 48 hours? Women love to over-exaggerate. You also fail to mention the pain killers women get to take.

  • Considering that girls can actually DIE from giving birth I went with that. I mean, the worst that can happen from gettin kicked in the balls is like losing a testicle or something. And if it really hurts THAT bad then why do guys do it to EACH OTHER all the time? Come on. lol

    • LOL cause we are idiots!

    • Yeah, I figured that out a long time ago.

    • Guys have been known to die from trauma to the testicles. Depends on how badly they get hit. Also, if a guy gets hit hard enough to end up loosing a testicle, I'd say that could be on par with pregnancy (guys can pass out from the pain, and that's even considering they don't loose a testicle).

  • you are crazy if you think getting kicked in the nuts comes even close to what childbirth is like

    • You know I am right lol

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    • Lol

    • You'll NEVER know. (6) (only a real hermaprodite could compare)

  • Birth man.

  • Labor lasts way longer than any pain from being kicked in the balls could ever last. Plus, there's the nine months of possible pain (at the very least discomfort) leading up the labor. Birth would definitely hurt more.

    • A kick in the balls last forever. Everytime we see some one hit there, everyman that sees it is in pain.

    • Well you could say every woman who watches another one give birth also feels that pain.

  • I think labor pain hurts a hell of a lot worst than getting kicked in the nuts, labor pain takes hours on top of hours.

  • Giving birth dumb ass. I've never heard this as a debate question before, it's like DUH were you born yesterday?

  • Defo giving birth! I would rather get kicked in the nuts than give birth. That is if I had a dick.

  • Birth in the balls would hurt most I reckon.

    But in this instance, what FrozenDonkeyWheel and Cool-Relax said.


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  • Since no-one can possibly experience both to compare and since there is no objective method for measuring pain this question will remain unanswered.

  • I say you are one crazy bastard if you honestly think being kicked in the nuts compares in any way to giving birth.

    • There are no crazy bastards here.

    • If anyone believes a ball kick is more painful than birth, then yes there are crazy bastards here. But of course I'm sure this question is merely for fun.

  • Getting kicked in the huts is horrible. I still get nightmares about it. But... It doesn't even compare to childbirth. Not too mention labor can last for hours. So... yeah, giving birth is way worse.

  • Are you completely retarded?

    First off, there is no "male" race. That doesn't even make sense. "Male" is a gender. I don't even know why you would want us to "support" it in this ridiculous debate. This isn't even a debate about gender, it's a debate about getting a "kick in the nuts" and giving birth. Do you honestly think that moving an entire human f***ing baby from your womb through your vagina and outside of your body, a process that can sometimes take multiple f***ing days, would hurt more than having someone kick you in the "nuts"? What is wrong with you?

    • LOL calling someone retarded. That is such a mature thing to say.

  • Why would getting "kicked in the nuts" hurt more than giving birth? That's completely ridiculous.

  • I'd say it depends on the severity of the ball kick. Testicular pain can, in somewhat severe cases, cause guys to cry, stay on the ground for hours, pass out, and in the most severe cases, actually die. Yes it can happen, and I heard of a case not to long ago where a woman squeezed a man's testicles so hard, he actually died. I'd say the average crotch shot is definitely less severe than giving birth. That said, if you kick a guy in the junk with steel toed boots or sharp toed shoes, and perhaps destroying a testicle in the process, then yeah, I'd say that could be on par. Why do none of the chicks here seem to understand that testicles can potentially feel tremendous pain?

  • Getting kicked in the nuts hurts more because there is no reward

    think about you will never have a guy say "oh I think you should kick me in the balls again" but millions of women go " I want to have another baby" so it stands to reason that being kicked in the balls hurts more.

    • Just because there is a reward for giving birth does not make it any less painful. The question is about which one causes more pain, not which one would you rather go through. Strictly pain-wise giving birth has got to be worse.

    • Im not saying which one id rather go through, just that the want to do it again surely indicates that the pain is not up to the standard of a big hit to the balls

  • wtf are you retarded, its obviously giving birth...this isn't even close, sure ball tapped hurts, but girls have a f***ing baby coming out of their vagina, come on now, its obvious

  • Obviously balls... my gf hits me everyday.. it hurts like hell

  • I do believe getting kicked in the balls hurts more. Though we can't be 100% sure, I am going to vote for balls anyways. Guys don't usually decide when we get hit there - Girls (usually) decide to get pregnant!