Songs dedicated to Cheaters!

1. Should've Said No and We're never getting back together

Taylor is making it clear that cheating is a total deal breaker, and it should be for you too!

2. Before He Cheats

I just love Carrie Underwood, and this powerful song is clearly the ultimate cheater revenge song. This is what happens when you break a woman's heart!

3. Irreplaceble

"I could have another you in a minute, matter of fact he'll be here in a minute"

4. Turn on the Radio

5. White Liar

Yes, getting cheated on really sucks, but it actually makes you a stronger woman. So which songs have helped you survive an unfaithful lover?

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  • Look, all I'll say about Taylor is that i can date her for a week, break up with her, and she'll have a new album in 72 hours. Don't really like her lyrics/music anyways. She went from being decent country to everything that is bad about pop music. OK my 2 cents.

    That being said, this is the song that I turned too when a very close female friend of mine turned me down to be with her friends with benefits . And that's it. She literally told me "the sex is too good to switch to a virgin." The kicker is that she wanted me to fake her out on dates before...

    Anyway, enjoy Metallica's attempt at blues/country. Great stuff in my mind


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