What to do after a breakup? Help!

Hey everyone!

It's Ren, and this is my very first myTake, so....Go easy on me! ^-^

I just broke up....What now?

Some people are wondering....Should I stay single or should I start looking for another guy/girl?

Well after a breakup there is always a recovery period. That period can vary from person to person. What some people do is (Right after the breakup) trying to find someone to gain back that self confidence, and with that I mean...flirting with people/using people to feel wanted again and to feel 'loved' again...pretty much replacements of what you've lost in that relationship.

What to do after a breakup? Help!

If you find yourself in that position...keep in mind that you're vulnerable. You can make mistakes, bump into a person you don't even like, your insecurities get bigger....Or you meet a person during a time where you aren't even ready yourself yet. You should try to recover from the breakup first.

The Recovery Period

It can be hard sometimes to recover from a loss like that. The pain when losing someone can be tough. I think it's a bit similar as losing a family member.Of course it's something else, but it's a similar kind of 'pain'. Pain of loss.

What to do after a breakup? Help!

So what you should do to recover from this pain, is to get busy. Get busy, interact with your friends, do fun and positive activities. You can maybe like try a new hobby, an activity you always wanted to do or learn yourself a new skill. Maybe you meet likeminded people with the activities and make new friends!

If you're going to stay inside...and keep crying, the pain will just last much longer.

Look at yourself

I've seen many questions here on GAG that sound like this

'Do guys like blondes more?' 'How many dates until you two become sexual?'

'Are fat people ugly?'

The answer to all these questions are pretty similar: Some will like, some will dislike. Some will agree, some will disagree.
What I want to say is...Everyone is different.

Now back to the healing process...

There is no need to rush into another relationship right after the breakup if you are not ready yet. You might end up getting hurt, and the other person might get hurt too.

Some people recover quicker than others. I have friends who can jump from one relationship right into another. I have friends who need a good portion of time before they can start dating again.

Who knows...Maybe Prince or Queen Charming comes up to you when you haven't fully recovered yet. You can always try, but I recommend you wait until you totally recovered from the breakup.

What to do after a breakup? Help!

Also...You can use this time to sit back, look at yourself and think about what you learned from the relationship. And then you can learn a bit more about yourself, so you can find yourself a better partner in the future.
You might still not know 'who you are' and 'what you want' as you're growing up like 'Hm...maybe I do like guys like that' or 'Maybe I don't like girls who are like this'.

You can learn a lot about yourself during this time ^-^


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  • 1. Eat 1.5 pints of ice cream.
    2. Hit gym. Hard.
    3. Find new person.


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  • Fucking hell, ''Healling'', ''Recovery''.

    You make it sound like little betty here after splitting up with her boyfriend of 3 weeks has just been mauled by a bear or some shit. xD

    If girls seriously get so bad after a shitty little breakup they need time to ''heal'' then haha. Thats hialrious.

  • I had to laugh at the kitty staring in the mirror. But it's adorable!
    Awesome mytake too

    • Thanks Kenzy :)
      I really found that picture inspirational, it's like, being confident about yourself

  • Fantastic take! Good job!

    The way you set it up is really catchy!

  • After a break up you should go to the nearest burger and beer joint and chill with the homies. Have a few laughs and forget about the person you just broke up with. But you don't get depressed about the situation. As biggie smalls says "I don't chase them, I replace them".

  • Wow I wish this take had existed when I was dumped by my fiancée!

    Great advice!

  • If you’ve been through a breakup recently--

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    And once you say this to him, or even send this simple phrase in a text message...

    It will flip his world upside down and you will suddenly find him chasing you...

    And even begging to be with you.

    Here’s what I’m talking about:
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  • Look at yourself part is legit, keep it up


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