How do deadbeat dads sleep at night?

How do deadbeat dads sleep at night?

I'm talking about the dads who claim they are too busy working etc to see their kids regularly.

Don't call to see how their kid is doing, makes broken promises and sees them once every other month, even though they know their kid wants to see them, is it because they don't feel a bond with the child?

And yes I know there are deadbeat mums to but I'm talking about dads right now. How can you go months weeks even years without seeing how your kid is?



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  • Family tree tells them that's how dads are supposed to be... so it seems completely normal for a lot of them.

  • Yeah, deadbeat dads suck. They suck just as much as all those moms who choose to have kids without a committed father. And the ones who choose to terminate a pregnancy without the father's input. And let's not forget the ones who intentionally get pregnant without the father's input. Oh, and the ones who have a child without telling the guy he is a father.

    They ALL suck equally.

    • I disagree if a guy changed after the girl has the baby when he was supportive before her having the child, how is she meant to know that he will not be committed down the road.. So the mother sucks because the father decided not to take care of his responsibilities when she had no idea he would change like that?

      I get some of the stuff your saying but on the other hand your basically judging all situations the same when people could have different circumstances

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    • But yes I agree that if a girl chooses to try and deliberately get pregnant for a guy knowing he had no intentions of commuting to her or the child then she is stupid for this as you are only setting yourself up for a fall, and in the end obviously the child suffers because of it

    • Sounds like we mostly agree. :)


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