So You Were Blocked After the Break Up.. What to Do Now <3


So You Were Blocked After the Break Up.. What to Do Now <3

So you were blocked by your ex after the breakup. Here's the reasons why from my own experience.


1. Phone/ text. 2. Facebook/ Instagram. 3.Email. 4.Whatsapp.

I've seen a lot of "degree of blocking" and what it means..yada, yada yada on the internet. These "degree of blocking" advice columns are a ploy to get you to watch their videos, ask advice and ultimately pay for their book/package/ advice etc.

BUT BEAR WITH ME, THERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS OR REAL NEWS, Depends on how you take it....

So You Were Blocked After the Break Up.. What to Do Now <3


1. YOU BEGGED/PLEADED- This is the most common response when someone bresks up with you. This behaviour is needy and desperate and you are now deemed lower value in your ex's eyes. There for you have no place in their life anymore as you are now seen as not on "their level". In order to prevent further pity on you they block you to prevent them from feeling like the bad guy. No one wants to feel like the bad guy even if they are, hence why they block you.

2. YOU WENT PSYCHO - This is the same reaction as the above except in order to not deal with any more drama, they block you. Think about it..If you had someone blow up your phone being nasty and abusive you'd block them too.

3. THEY ARE PLAYING GAMES- This is pretty common to regain power after the breakup. And yes people do this even when they broke up with you. Think of it this way.. They want to prove a point to themselves and you that your the enemy. Emotion over logic runs high after a break up and they may be in the angry phase.

It's most likely they want a reaction and you to text them saying "why have you blocked me on Facebook, I can't believe you" to feed their ego that you still care.

4. THEY ARE HURTING FROM THE BREAKUP TOO - This is less common and only you know how you behaved after the break up. If you were genuinely not a psycho or needy and walked away without playing games. If this is the case then they may be second guessing their decision and have blocked you to stop themselves from contacting you or seeing you in order to heal/ come to terms with it.


People do this a lot..the grass is greener syndrome and don't want you to see, so they block you. It is as really clear cut as that to avoid arguments or confrontation from you.

So You Were Blocked After the Break Up.. What to Do Now <3


There's a lot on the internet about "no contact rule" of 30 days, 40 days, 60 days etc.. And how to reach out to your ex after the time has passed.

If they have blocked line of communication then you contacting them after no contact is ultimately you chasing them (BASICALLY BEGGING). So you want to swurve one line of communication and go through another line of communication to beg for your ex back?

Yeah, have a think about that.


Done a lot of research on this too...the best thing to do is nothing. Yes you heard me right, nothing to all of the above reasons. ALL OF THEM. AND HERE'S WHY....

1. This person has blocked you in some way to stop you contacting them (why try and talk to someone who doesn't want to talk to you).

2. You want to try and contact them another way like Facebook if they've blocked your number ( That's very needy and border line desperate).

3. They're trying to prove a point or get at you then let them ( You reacting will just prove them right and make them more powerful and you seen as lower value) Do you really want that?

4. The grass is greener. If they feel as though they want to hide the new relationship without being honest with you then let the new gf/bf have them.

I know it hurts but don't prove them right by demeaning yourself and reacting. If you react it will make the new partner look more valuable to them and you of less value. If you react you will push your ex even further into the arms of the new bf/gf.

So You Were Blocked After the Break Up.. What to Do Now <3


They will expect a reaction and it will prove them right that leaving you was the correct decision. They'll be thinking "wow, I can have her whenever I want". "I knew I could do better, she's kind of weak" or "She's just proved me right, acting like this".



There is only one exception to the above. Only one. If you have something to apologise for then do so. But only apologise for that thing and that thing only.

πŸ’” πŸ’” πŸ’”πŸ’” πŸ’”πŸ’” πŸ’”πŸ’”


Your ex has blocked you. There is nothing you can do without looking needy/ desperate or like a "crazy ex". To keep your high value, leave them alone. If this person truly wanted you then they will reach out..FACT.

If they don't then you maintain your dignity with your head held high.

IT'S WIN WIN REALLY.. Love yourself and know your worth and never beg for someone's love because all they'll give you is crumbs when you deserve the whole cake!! X</p>

So You Were Blocked After the Break Up.. What to Do Now <3
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    This guy I knew has a crush on since middle school I liked him a lot sooo much I i moved didn't see him for 7 years and he was dating someone else I was upset seeing their posts together it ruined my happiness cause I was just so upset seeing how happy they where I kept thinking oh they will break up it didn't happen they actually got married the whole time I was trying to find a job or figure out what's next for me I didn't date anyone. Or. Have had an actual relationship I was 23 at that time then 2 years later I found him again on Social media I found out he was single again I messaged him we where talking and things where ok he didn't live near me but we where still talking he showed sign of interest then later on he ended up getting with someone else. It hurt me so bad cause I liked him since all this time and I thought I had a second chance with him this time around but I was wrong I cried so much sad for months and months I he ended up deleting his Instagram account and we stopped talking. He would reply to my messages one day i found him again on Instagram and I messaged him I found out he got married to the new girl and had a baby I was sad I wondered what "could have been " if I was actually around since we started talking but I put it aside thought we could be friends at least and I messaged him " congratulations" is that your baby? He blocked me I had no idea why It hurt me. But now I realized that it was a waste of them that he probably wasn't meant for me and that things could have been so different if we were actually together. In the end I'm glad it didn't work out I'm still single and I'm 26 but I feel like this happens a lot to me and that lesson helped me. It's better that I'm single now I can focus on myself what I need
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    • Anonymous

      This was my point of this mytake. It's a different situation but the same outcome... even though you were never with him. You basically begged for his love and attention by you keep reaching out.. He saw you as low value, like you'll always be there. It also probably gave him the boost he needs to find different women. I'm glad your focusing on yourself now.. LOVE YOURSELF AND YOU WILL RECEIVE TRUE LOVE FROM ANOTHER. If you de-value yourself all your getting is crumbs x

    • Anonymous

      That's what I'm trying to do but I'm in a weird situation right now

    • Anonymous

      I'm trying to message you I can't

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Most Helpful Guys

  • McKellar
    My thoughts on this are different.

    I know for a fact my ex-fiancee blocked me & as much as this may sound weird to even say something like this,... I'm okay with that. Why would I say something like that? Simple, I would have done the exact same thing to her as well. She did offered to be friends with me after the break up, but I completely flat out turned her friendship offer down. Then again,... even long after I did moved on,... I know there isn't going to be another woman like her.

    Sad really..
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  • rjroy3
    Only had 2 exes block me. One was because she was obsessively checking up on me and wanting to stop herself. The other did so in a fit of rage. The one who did in a fit of rage also (I suspect drunk) texted me months later when I was in town. I'd say it's rare that someone blocks you purely because they don't want to hear from you, unless you really were harassing them.
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    • Anonymous

      Hey.. in my case I wrote this because I did not contact him whatsoever after the face to face break up talk. I did not shout or beg or do the "crazy ex" thing. I walked away amicably and told him I love him but will not stop him from walking away (see my other take on how to deal with a break up like a boss). A week later I was blocked on WhatsApp and Facebook. But not on the phone strangely enough (degrees don't matter anyway) even though I did not contact him at him any stage. Didn't even post pictures on Facebook or any digs on WhatsApp statuses. So the fact this happened confused me and still does ( hence why I wrote this)... anyway, thankyou for your opinion on the my-take 😊

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  • ChronicThinker
    I actually expected this to be stupid, but it wasn't. This was pretty decent and I enjoyed reading it.
    • Anonymous

      Thankyou x

  • BrittBratt2416
    I never blocked an ex or been blocked by an ex or ex romantic interest before. I just don't see the point unless that person is being intrusive and stalking you. Like if they don't want to talk to me, that's fine Its not like I will bother them or even message them either so blocking just seems silly.
  • Browneye57
    Exactly. Who cares what happens after it's over? What you do is MOVE ON.
    The best revenge is to simply be AWESOME. :)
    • Anonymous

      Thankyou. I think I needed to hear that. I know this stuff and wrote it but sometimes I need a reminder. The hardest thing was deleting all trace of my ex's number. X

    • Success is the best revenge in life

  • Miristheiss
    Why do people want to stay in contact after break ups? Blocked? Who cares. Sure, you can stay friendly and say hi if you run into them but I don't want to stay in contact with someone after a break up. Move on.
  • Elaine_17
    Strangely, I've been on the other end. I blocked my ex. I said some mean things before I blocked him though. There's probably no hope of reconciling. He probably knows he was a dick though and probably deserved all that I have said to him.
  • TwinCKI
    Powerful information here. Wish I had this myTake to read so that I wouldn't have done all the stupid stuff that I did to try to get my ex back.
  • MARIA904
    I recently had to block my ex because he was still looking at my info and asked me about the new guy in my life. He then went as far as to use his family's Facebook to see my info once I removed him from my Facebook.
  • i'd argue that you shouldn't even try to get unblocked... cause if they broke up with you, it's time to move on and not time to try and turn back. the door is shut. look for another door instead of trying to bash in the closed one.
  • Lovvyyy
    Lol if someone blocked me after we broke up it means that he still have something for me and I can only see 2 things.

    1 - If I am the one that broke up with them, then I wouldn't even realize that they blocked me, 'cause my "No" means no without the possibility of being changed by any circumstances.

    2 - If he is the one who broke up with me, then I'm no beggar and I don't want him to stay with me even though he doesn't like me no more, so once again, I wouldn't realize he blocked me.
  • hsshannah96
    No. If someone blocks you leave them alone. Exes are exes for a reason
  • Gedaria
    its hard he does not want you in his life any more , MOVE ON, easy to say but that is the only way. Been there with first wife, she walked , end of story I had 4 girls to worry about. ...
  • es20490446e
    Nearly all the time is because they hurt for themselves, so any text from you can be shocking at that moment.
    • Anonymous

      What do you mean? Any text from me can be shocking? X

    • Is that a kiss?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. Texting habit.

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  • clampfan101
    If she doesn’t want you, there’s no reason to want her. Just walk away try someone else.
    l know a girl on this site we fall out but we dont block each other as we still have some light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Juxtapose
    If she's an ex why would I give a shit? I don't wanna ever see her again, lol xD
  • AngelicSin
    Lol when an ex blocks me I feel proud of myself
  • Joshy651
    Very true.
  • John_Doesnt
    Open a second account and stalk her anon.
  • tinesters
    Yes, cute bunny
  • OfDeath
    You forget about it altogether and move on.
  • 2opaz
    I dont know what to do man :(
    • Anonymous

      As in?

  • Anonymous
    Cool take
  • Anonymous
    This mindset is really sad.

    So many of you people are immature and insecure. You're so focused on not proving them right or making them think they have this much or that much power over you. Like this thinking is what's poisonous and it's nigh impossible to ever have a life lasting romantic relationship when you continue to believe in these power dynamics. Neither partner wants to feel like they are the desperate one in the relationship so just because you didn't surrender your power to them doesn't mean things will work out. They'll just hate you for you having the power now. You need to stop believing in this crap and find someone who doesn't believe in it either. Otherwise all you have to look forward to is misery and bitterness.
    • Anonymous

      I think you've jumped on your high horse a bit there.
      This was written for the person that has been dumped. It is painful for the person who was dumped and blindsides you. A relationship is is based on a balance of respect, love and consideration and ability for both people to balance themselves and work through it. Someone breaks up with you then that balance to work through it is gone. So it's not about power, it's about the dumped maintaining their value when their ex doesn't see their value anymore. Get a clue before posting anonymous dribble. Have you been through this? Maybe. Did you deal with in a way that you behaved maturely and with integrity? Probably not by the sounds of it.

    • Anonymous

      I don't consider struggle for power and basing my self-worth on them not seeing me be desperate as the mature way to deal with something. We may have different definitions of what is mature if that's what you consider mature.

    • Anonymous

      And I'm not on any high horse. I just see the same common thing over and over in virtually every relationship that inevitably failed. And the senior citizens who I have talked to that had 40+ year relationships almost universally talked about not worrying about that kind of thing. So excuse me for trying to help people be the latter senior citizens and not the broken embittered people.

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  • Anonymous
    My last ex completely ghosted me after 9 months of dating and blocked me on everything
    • Anonymous

      How long ago was the break up?

    • Anonymous

      Year and half ago. I’m not losing sleep over it anymore but it was really shitty at the time.

    • Anonymous

      Some people are like that... its crap I know. Been there. But I think that sometimes silence is the only answer you really need.

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  • Anonymous
    interesting mytake!
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Good mytake
    I just blocked my ex cause I was feeling hurt when she was interacting with my freinds that I introduced her to. Like she was taking my freinds. Not long after they noticed how she really was and they stopped hanging out with it. Online she just tags along still.
    I recently unblocked her cause I stopped caring about her and moved on.