A Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

As many of you know, my ex-girlfriend and I met here on GAG and are both once again members after a short hiatus. This myTake is a message to her and I decided to compose it while on a run this morning.

1. The Good Times We Had Together Will Not Be Forgotten

A Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

The positive memories often get obscured amidst a breakup, but I will remember them. I'll enjoy thinking about our time together on the beach in Corpus Christi and on the Riverwalk, at the rodeo and a Spurs game against the Warriors, my intro to country music, the movies we went to together, the swim meets, the great cloud formations, etc.

2. I Have Regrets About What We Never Got The Chance To Do

A Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

I do deeply regret never having the chance to visit Germany and Italy with you. Or the national parks out West, Washington DC, or New York City. I hope you get the chance to see them all one day.

I also regret that we didn't have a house and family together.

3. I Wish Things Had Ended Differently

I now know the scale of the conversations about our relationship that went on behind my back between you and other GAG members looking to sabotage it because they didn't like something I posted which was hardly controversial. You should have told them to mind their own business and worked through things with me. I also don't want any "Alternate History McGillicuddies" here, as your father would say.

4. I Wish You All the Best

A Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

Despite the way things ended, I still hope you find happiness.

5. I'm Still Going to Achieve My Goals

You already know what they are, and I'm pretty excited about them.

A Message To My Ex-Girlfriend
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Shezadi
    I am already in depression and anxiety. I cry myself to sleep everyday. I cry all day and night.
    I am in so much pain. My soul has been broken. It happened because of family problems.

    This article made me cry even more.

    My heart is to weak to read anything sad.

    To be honest, many people patch up after break up.

    I mean I broke up with my boyfriend twice and still I am with him today because he kept chasing me and never gave up on me. He knew I loved him even after the break up. And it takes a strong person and a bigger person to break the ice. Many people will say why did he chase me after breakup but then love is done from the heart not from your head. Had my boyfriend used his mind instead of his heart, I would have lost a gem but because he thinks from his heart, that's why my relationship is going. Relationships fail when people think from their head.

    Heart doesn't care about right, wrong, loss, benefit only and only emotions and feelings.

    Those who think from their heart are the most forgiving, patient, sensitive and generous people on the planet, and when people call them it angers me because they are the strongest people.

    It takes guts to love someone even when they hurt you. And I will never forget how my boyfriend chased me after the breakup and I will forget this favour, and this makes me so humble and I just can't describe how grateful I am to god for blessing me with such a forgiving person. I mean who is like that in the modern world?
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    • Avicenna

      Thanks for your thoughts. I did try to get her and I back together.

    • Shezadi


    • Shezadi

      women change like the weather don't they? I think all women suffer from historic personality disorders!

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  • DollySummers
    Sounds like you still love her.
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    • Avicenna

      She knows I do

    • So you guys may end up together in the future. Try continue gifting her during holidays, and birthdays.

    • Avicenna

      LOL, she has a birthday coming up.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • I think this was a very decent and honorable way to say "goodbye." Hopefully, you can let go of any unresolved hopes and desires, and to begin thinking about how you move forward with your life.

    Because some guys are stoic, many people assume that breakups are not as difficult on guys and they assume that only the ladies need some extra attention. That, of course, is a bad assumption. Take care of yourself and don't hesitate to reach out to family and friends when you need someone to listen.
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    • Avicenna

      Thanks, I appreciate this. It has been very hard on me because I loved her very much and wanted to be with her forever.

    • highjinx

      at 20 a breakup is hard at 50 pfffffft get over it she has

  • Clinton321
    For all this things I hear.. sorry bro... if it was u both that got a problem ,,, nobody interfere with you guys.. that will be OK.. But if someone break it up.. damm it will look like is an enemy to too.. I once experience that before.. But we are just close friends it was a girl🙍
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  • I think I share all the points you wrote here, even though sadly in my case I had to add the number 6:
    - Don't try to contact me or establish contact with me or I'll get the authorities involved.
    • Avicenna

      I feel really bad to hear that it has come to that. As you know, I urged you to date her and was happy to hear initial reports of a happy relationship. I'm glad that you're happy in your new relationship.

    • I appreciate your concern and I too I'm sorry your relationship didn't work out.
      My ex obsessive and insane behavior it's not your fault nor mine, she got offered help a lot of times and always turned it down.
      I wish her all the best but I don't tolerate her lurking near my apartment bloc or calling me with private numbers in the middle of the night.

  • SydneySentinel
    Thank you for writing this. I asked a question yesterday out of bitterness, which I regret. I'm sorry for doing that because it was ugly and vindictive and I've never wanted to be that kind of person. It wasn't helpful in anyway and it was only in attempt to be hurtful.

    This was a very lovely thing to write and share good memories, which I have too, though I know it doesn't seem that way to you. Lots of them, in fact.

    The only thing here that I feel you're inaccurate about is the way things ended regarding other gag members-- but that's just something we will have to disagree about. I wish things ended differently too.

    I hope you accept my apology for badmouthing you on my question. I will henceforth refrain from explicitly speaking negatively of you.

    I hope you enjoy the journey of fulfilling your goals.
    • Swat_

      Im not crying, you're crying :(

    • DiegoO

      19 years age difference. 🤐

    • Soooo, now that you are single. You looking? 😜😎

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  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, Hun.. A Home Run. xxoo
    • Avicenna

      Thanks- coming from someone with your skills of expression, that's a real compliment!

    • Paris13

      Thank you for Helping to Make My day. xxoo

    • Avicenna

      My pleasure!

  • demurefaithe
    It sounds like you regret leaving, If you are really happy with her you have to understand that relationships will always have problems, and no one else is going to make you feel just as happy. Get her back, after you improve and change some of your ways. Get that family and house you wanted with her. Life is too short for simple regrets.
    • Avicenna

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, and you are 100% correct that there are going to be problems in relationships. The challenges we faced were definitely NOT insurmountable, but she preferred to run away rather than deal with them.

      I didn't end the relationship, she did. I did want to get back together with her, but I realize that she doesn't really want a boyfriend or she would have worked through things with me.

    • that's what I am dealing with now, he will claim he wants a relationship then change his mind. She probably has some things going on or has happened to where she isn't ready. But if you stick by her side or leave a slight door open for friendship, maybe things will change. At it's own pace and correct timing

    • Avicenna

      Well, she knows where to find me and that I still care about her. That said, I don't have any expectations.

      I hope your situation gets resolved favorably.

  • MistiGal
    Thats a really sweet message from a guy... just beautiful!
    Will you two put your egos aside and kiss n make up!
    Def never a good idea to share your relationship with no one...
    Thats a petty reason to break up...
    Good luck to you both... a hard lesson to be learnt...
  • lightbulb27
    Honorable thing to do. What stands out to me so much is the reality that "good times" does not equal "gonna work". I've come to realize the only way relationship gonna work is he love and respect is mutual, and the deeper inner emotional hurts are defended and protected.

    I questioned if this was really over, as it was a bit of a knee jerk reaction, but I'll stay out of that.

    Best wishes learning and moving forward.
  • NickiB
    This is a good mytake.

    I hope this makes you feel better.

    And it's sad when people are trying to sabatoge someone else's relationship.
  • Honestly teasing this makes me want you guys to get back together , so I don’t really have any break up words of wisdom or comfier. My brain won’t let me go there. I have hope 😊
  • little_bird1
    I will never understand why people have the urge to share private things like these publicly.
    • there's also that guy who looks like Hitler who documented his entire relationship's day to day drama on here lmao, from TMI intimacy stuffs to physical violence, it's like watching a trainwreck in slow motion

    • @KristiBreaksTheRule where, where i want to see. 😀

    • @KristiBreaksTheRule Did you know she tried to stab him when he dumped her

  • BrittBratt2416
    aww well that's sweet, it's always nice to see ex's apologize and end on good terms and get some closure. I'm sorry you guys didn't make it, but I am happy the both of you are moving on in peace.
  • coolbreeze
    Beautiful mytake. Sorry to hear about the break up.
  • Woah a gag couple? and other users sabotaging you two? Didn't know this website could be so juicy

    Damn its disappointing it didn't work out. Are you sure she won't mind you writing a public mytake about it? I think a message might have been a little more discrete and respectful. Despite this, I think she will appreciate your sentiments.

    Good luck with your future plans!
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Best wishes for you two on your venture on whatever
    you choose to do in life and i wish you both the best
  • Alfie_Solomons
    Is this a joke man? Like she broke up with you because some Incel dudes on here talked her out of dating you? Wow I feel bad for you!
    • Avicenna

      She says it wasn't people here, but it wouldn't have been incel dudes- it would have been online female "friends" of hers.

    • Avicenna

      It has now been confirmed that her female online friends sabotaged things because they didn't like some uncontroversial comments about how single parents (I also mentioned fathers) and people with kids have it much harder in the dating market and may also face financial challenges. Apparently they think they can get any high-status guy if they were a single parent and react angrily at the mere mention that it isn't so.

  • Bluemax
    Well said. I've more or less thought the same of every ex I've been with.
  • Grobmate
    A few nice messages, but I can't help but think this should have been a private message. It's puzzling to try and identify why it isn't.
  • JamesRandiDebates
    Remember: She was never your girl, it was just your turn in her tuna hole. You're better off without her.
    • Brutal, but the truth was never meant to be gentle.
      Also... bahahahahaha

    • Alib5

      Wtf man lol

  • Marilynjuana
    I hope this gave you closure. Better days ahead.
  • TonyBologna25
    Why don’t you send this to her directly? Really cringe post this is.
  • Creepazoid
    I must be missing something because this doesn't really seem that deep - my eyes are still dry.
  • magnam
    You will be alrite brother go for your goals in life and don't look back
  • ChocolateBrowny
    Likelihood is that she wasn’t compatible wit you
  • DiegoO
    Breakups are never easy. I wish you the best.

  • WalterBlack
  • mermaidia_lol
    Aww *wipes tear*
  • 1828avaava1828
    woot woot
  • McKellar
    You're a far more better man than I'll ever be.
  • Gedaria
    Very nice...
  • OrangeBoy2
    So. You guys are back togheter?
    Why did you break up?
    • Linda625

      That my question for him

    • Linda625

      Why did he break up

    • Avicenna

      @Linda625: Her online friends sabotaged our relationship plus she has Borderline Personality Disorder.

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  • Anonymous
    Well it’s a beautiful tribute I must say thank god you are a wonderful soul. Many disgruntled partners blackmail and use verbal abuse and persist.
    You have written a beautiful dedication to what you felt grateful for.

    On your parting note, excellent that’s what says you’re a mature guy.

    Yes, to me these days I have come to a realization that single is powerful and I define myself. I won’t be defined by a person who, after the honey moon phase acts arrogant for no reason, who’s stupid, who has not much to offer me and expects I to compensate high hopes !
    To take advantage of or simply whom I feel I can’t keep admiring.

    Essentially relationships are boring and so is romance. Maybe I have not entered one lately so it’s not missed.
    Then I would only relate to your last note on hopes and dreams for oneself.
    In a way it’s liberating.

    I don’t know if it counts but I seriously hate it Even lose interest In guys who incessantly talk about their stupid furry pets. It’s annoying and attraction killing.
    Not to mention respect slaughtering.
    Whilst they may be reliable and sweet the boredom will not let it thrive. Omg

    Tips : look for someone only when you are ready
  • Anonymous
    please stop
  • Anonymous
    Your relationship couldn't of been that great or you would still be together. Some things should be kept to yourself instead of spilling your guts to all the uninterested parties here on GAG in order to achieve attention, especially since most of us here don't even know what you are talking about.