Ex "accidentally" text me? What does that mean?

So my ex bf broke up with me 10 days ago through TEXT. I replied with a letter I had written him stating that I also wanted to break up with him because he wasn't the same person I fell in love with. We haven't spoken since then. I just got a text from him that was meant for his boss. Was this an honest mistake or a way to contact me.

our history: we dated for 2 months and I broke up with him because I found out he told a girl he was single. after a month apart, he begged to have me back and gave me a promise ring that indicated his love for me. it was a nice gesture, he did all the right things and i took him back. everything was great when we dated again until he started getting depressed about this job and wanting to be alone and away from everyone. He asked for a break and we took a 2 day break lol 10 days later, he broke up with me because his heart isn't in the right place and he needs time to himself to figure his life out. he told me i deserve better and he wishes nothing but the best for me. i asked if there was someone else and he said no, which i believe.
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  • Since a message to the boss is usually something important you have a very good excuse to "inform him" about his mistake, so he can "re-text" his boss. Keep it very short and also use text. If he tries to talk more after that, it was probably a try to regain contact, if he replies very shortly or doesn't reply then it was a mistake.
    Also I'd say only do that if you consider re-newing this relationship...

    • after he sent the "accidental" text, he text me again saying sorry wrong number

    • Then I would leave it at that or just text short "ok, np" or not send anything at all.

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  • It was of course an honest mistake

    • how would you know that?

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    • the part about me believing him is when i asked if he was breaking up with me for someone else. i know for a fact that he wasn't lying about that. sorry i was confusing in the way i narrated it

    • Hey that's OK I was pretty confusing too. It's all solved now. BREAK UP TIME!!!

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  • The fact is its almost impossible to send a text to someone accidentally... Unless you are drunk (or high on something) From what you say he just sounds like one of those guys who wants to keep you however doesn't want anything serious with you. Good you dumped him. Stay Away!!!

  • He was drunk.

    • he literally just got off work when he text me though so he wasn't drunk

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