Why is my ex so mean to me?

My ex has been really mean to me recently when before he would just ignore me. I try to be nice to him cuz I feel bad for ending it but we just weren't good for each other. I explained everything to him and have apologized many times for our relationship not working out. It's bad cuz both our families are really close friends and I still enjoy hanging out with them. I have accepted it's over between and realize it's for the best. He is being awful to me and I can't take it anymore he embarrasses me in front of my friends. I'm at a point where I don't know what to do. I know i shouldn't care anymore and I don't but I just don't like being treated like shit over and over again and then him saying maybe I should seek professional help when I'm only frustrated and upset because of the way he treats me in front of my friends. I try to avoid him as much as I can cuz I have no feelings what so ever for him anymore and I'm nice to him when I do have to see him. Why can't he just do the same and get over it? It's been 6 months or maybe more!!!


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  • He still has feelings for you and is hurt. He wants to hurt you as well. Don't let him know he hurts you first off.
    The biggest and best thing you can do for both of your sakes is to stay away from each other. It sucks, but the wound will never heal when the cause of it is always there. Explain nothing more to him. Don't talk to him or apologize. Just stay away from him. Yes, it means you will miss out on things if others won't make sure he isn't there. You two can't be around each other.
    Let him heal and move on with his life. That part of your life is over, never to return, and some people you know may get lost as well. Sucks, but its a part of life.
    The only way to stop hurting him and him hurting you is to stay away from each other.


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  • Im going through the same situation my ex is being a dick 💁the only difference is I have feelings for him. But anyways it looks like you really hurt him and if you don't have feelings for him then treat him the way he treats you. He's not worth your kindness.

    • I'm sorry you are going through this too. It sucks. And thank you for the advice I think I'm going to have too. The kindness isn't working :/

  • He wants a reaction from you. Don't give him that satisfaction

    • I try not to at all. I ignore and change the subject and hang with my friends but it's happening so much recently and it would just stop and my friends tell him to shut up too.

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