My ex dumped me and tries to make me jealous. But why?

it's been 6 weeks since he dumped me. He wasn't cheating or had another girl in his mind. he just said he needs space and doesn't love me any more. but I can tell that he's trying to make me jealous and is waiting for me to talk to him first... like one day I had to talk to him, and found him with another girl. I told him I need to talk to him and he hi-fived the girl in front of me as if he wanted me to see that ! I was so irritated ( not jealous) by his such childish behavior. or, I happened to talk to my guy friend whom my ex also knows and he happened to be there too. I just acted confidently so that my ex wouldn't know I was suffering from the break up, I don't know if he was jealous by me talking to my guy friend, but my ex tried to talk to me twice after that, which I nicely ignored.. but then my ex all of sudden stopped talking to me after that, which I thought was weird. so my friends guessed he is waiting for me to talk to him. many of his behaviors sound like he's trying to make me jealous. He acts like as if he is the dumpee and show me how well he is doing. as if he wants to have the control over me.. it was already a controlling relationship (I always begged him! this is my first time not calling him that I want him back sadly..) why would he do that? or do all ex boyfriends try to make their ex girlfriends jealous though they dumped the girls?or is it just my situation?
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i mean these two are just two examples. there were several more like that.. you know..
My ex dumped me and tries to make me jealous. But why?
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