Why did my ex pretend not to see me?

Why did my ex pretend not to see me?
We dated for about 1 yr. And broke up a few months ago. And i went completely no contact for 2 months so far. We work at the same office building so we will likely bump into each other once in a while..

So basically i was walking otw to work and kinda saw her walking perpendicular to me but i pretend not to see her. She ofc sees me cos she's walking directly perpendicular at me like 2meters away.

So as i approach the door i see her reflection behind me looking at me but no "hello" or anything. She just walked further towards another entrance further away.

Then another time during the same day. I was on the phone walking then i see her walking in my direction. I see her smiling but looking down. I ofc didn't acknowledge it. Lol

I refuse to initiate contact cos she was the one who wanted this breakup, despite my efforts before to be good/friends again with her.
she's also probably embarassed for all the things she said to me and maybe afraid of my reaction. And im still pissed how she treated me. And this is the first encounter in 1-2 months

So yeah basically, part of me wants to be cool with her cos we're gonna see eachother alot. And another part of me hates her lolll.

So i'm wondering, should i just wait till she initiates contact or pretend she's dead to me forever or whatever.


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  • Give her some time to get over it.


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