My ex keeps "liking" and commenting on my friend's Facebook posts. Call her out on it?

My ex ended things about 5 weeks ago and we haven't spoken at all since. She claims the long distance (2hrs) coupled with her insecurities were the reason for her ending things.

Since the split she has been consistently liking my friend's (girls and guys) posts on Facebook. I could understand if she were actually friends with them, but I introduced her to them and they literally have only met one time!!! It's not like they are running into each other randomly and became close friends--different cities. I mean WTF... is she trying to get under my skin? If she and I were still dating I could see her I'd kinda like to call her out on it but don't want it to seem like an excuse to talk to her... recommendations?


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  • There is nothing to call her out on if she is doing it on your friends pages im sure they will certainly say something if they find it annoying. you guys no longer go out so in her mind what u say won't necessarily matter. I say move on as long as she isn't blowing up your page there should be nothing to say to her. Hope this helps :)

    • What is her to gain by liking my friend's posts other than hoping I see that she liked them? She has met my friends 1 time!!!

    • You are right she has nothing to gain bt she might like the pages bc she actually likes the posts and pics. Bt I would definitely move on bc u will drive yourself crazy wondering.

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  • the bigger question I'd have is why your friends are still even fb "friends" with a person they met once. or why they ever became fb friends at all. in the generation of fb and social media it seems like these kind of situations can arise. I always found while dating that until things get serious is it relatively important to keep a social media distance... for example my cousin started dating a guy in March. they're still together the guy is cool enough but I've been hesitant about fb "friending" him in the case that they split up and then I'm torn in allegiances

    I think if anything you suggest to your friends that they not be friends with the girl... but I wouldn't confront her about it. it seems kind of petty and insignificant. if her goal was to get your attention then her goal would've been achieved and I wouldn't want to give her that satisfaction

    • Exactly why are they still friends if they only met once. U read my mind lol

    • I totally agree with your comment that people too quickly become fiends on social media.

      I agree that it's petty, but only on her part! I mean she isn't actually friends with my friends. So she has to be doing this as a way of hoping Ill notice

    • well you noticed right? I think if you address anyone you maybe just ask your friends why they are still fb friends with her. otherwise just don't bother worrying about it at all. if it's petty, let her be petty, her nature will show through eventually and hopefully your friends will see that they need to cut the fb cord

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