We both messed up. I apologized. He hasn't spoken to me in 2 days. Why can't he just let it go? Does he not like me enough or he just doesn't care?

I was seeing him for a month and a half and we hit it off and got along really well. I actually believed he was different from everyone else and I was starting to like him a lot. He went on about how much he liked me and said he was falling for me.

Last week every day when we talked on the phone he told me he had to go cus he just wanted to relax and be by himself. After the second time he did that I made a joke about him going off by himself, but left it at that. We had plans for Friday and he canceled 2 hours before I was supposed to leave my house because he was "feeling all over the place and needed time" to himself.

I got really upset, especially cus my ex and I started having problems when we went through a similar situation. My ex started to distance himself and cancel plans. I found out later he was doing this because he was seeing someone else.

So my current guy and I got into a big argument. I was really upset, convinced there was someone else. He called me Saturday but I assumed it was over, so I didn't answer. We then talked through text and kept on arguing. He kind of stooped a little low and called me names, later apologizing because he was really angry.

I feel like a huge fight started over nothing. He insists there is no other girl. That he just went to the gym of Friday and went home. But then he was really hurt by the way I reacted. He also told me it's over. But then he sent me an apology and wrote "I'm busy right now I'll talk to you later". This was on Sunday night. Since he was busy I didn't respond that night. I waited until Monday and I responded with an apology as well.

Now we haven't spoken in 2 days.

I'm confused because first he told me that it's over... and then later on, I guess when he calmed down, he said he'll talk to me later.

I'm just confused and not really sure what to do at this point. Just trying to move on, but then I feel like I'm in limbo cus I'm not sure if he's going to call or not...


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  • Hey

    He said it was over, because he said ill ttyl n im sorry dont really mean he eants to stay together best thing to do is more on (dont mean get another bf) but make him come after you if he really wants u

    • I agree... it took me a couple of days to realize that it's over. I guess I got confused cus he wrote "I'l talk to you later" but I think like you said, he didn't mean it.

      Well I just deleted him from my phone and I don't plan on contacting him. If he really wants to talk to me that's up to him but I'm not contacting him.

    • Thats the best way... YOU GO GURL! Lol

    • Message me anytime to chat or more questions :-D

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  • Sounds like he is a very up and down guy and inconsiderate. My advice is to move. on. If he is like this over nothing, how will be over something big?

    • Thanks. That is what I'm thinking right now too. He said he got mad because I lied to him. After he canceled plans I told him that I went out with my girlfriend. I didn't want him to think I'm at home upset that he canceled. But then he kept on grilling me about where I was and who I was with, so I blurted out that I didn't go anywhere. So he basically said he couldn't believe I lied to him.

      To me this just doesn't seem like that big a deal. I feel like we both messed up. If we both apologized, that should be it right? It doesn't have to turn into this right?

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