So the ex's sister caught me looking and then told them I wanted oral sex from her?

it happened at a bar we all go to now and then , I hadn't actually seen her or ex for a while. but being Christmas break they were back home. i tend to look at a lot of girls and check out any girls i find interesting , the ex's sister is good looking and being a small bar at some point she was rate near me and i very casually looked at her , we didn't even talk or anything and guess i noticed something on her tongue so looked at it very quickly as i though she might of got it pierced as she's sort of into that kind of thing however it happened so quick I'm not sure if she did or not and she didn't show it to me again. if she did get it pierced she's likely off putting it to use at college.
somehow out of that little encounter she decided that i wanted to get oral sex from her and she went over to ex and her gf and told them that and of course ex is rather disgusted . honestly i don't even know what to think she is single and maybe this is a cry for sexual attention that she isn't getting yet or she just hates me and wants other girls to think i want to have sex with her


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  • Don't worry about 😒 she's just being ignorant about it. She might like the attention she gets from her friends after she says all of that stuff.


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  • Just leave it. You didn't say a word. If you are ever confronted, just say "I noticed she was there and looked at her.' You don't need to give the other detail you gave here. it is irrelevant.

    • its not the first time its happened though , well before it was her boobs , she told people I was looking at them so she seems to have some issue with me , get the feeling she's the type of girl that wants male attention however she ends up getting it from guys she doesn't like , I don't think she really though I wanted oral sex , she just throw that out there to make me look bad in front of the other girls

    • OH I agree... she is a witch... Maybe you should smile sometime at her and say loudly "That was the best Oral I ever had." Wink at her and walk away.

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