Am I overthinking or is there a reason to be suspicious?


recently my girlfriend wanted to take me to a pub she stopped going to because of drama with her ex we will call Joe. She said she was more confident to go again and see her friends since I've joined her life so I felt happy I made her able to rejoin into her social circle. I heard somebody call someone Joe at the group we where sitting with. When going up to order food I calmly asked if that was her ex and she said no, also later stating it wasn't when going home. A month or two later I found it it was. She said she hit it from me so I could enjoy being at the pub without any drama.

A month after this I was looking at her putting up a story we took together on her private snap and saw her best friends list which only had me first, her best friend second and some random guy I have never heard about at third who was even above her own sister. The thing that is troubling about this to me is that I know all of her friends whether it be guys, girls even the ones she has had fallouts with since we are very open about who we are in contact with. When I asked her why she hid him specifically it started out with her saying I just forgot to mention it. This then turned into I knew you wouldn't like him so I specifically didn't mention him. Which turned into seeing the tiktoks they send which many where sexual onlyfans girls related ones (mostly seemed to be him sending rather then her). I also heard that apparently they both flirted over snap before I was involved in her life so they at one point where interested in each other. She said she didn't want to lose him as a friend so hid him but then as soon as I caught her she was fine to block him for me instantly even though I didn't ask. (For some reason her chats where set to delete and she said it was him that did it )

The night I found out about this she said he left her on read but then later on slipped up and said she was ranting about me to him. How should I handle this. Thanks to whoever reads this.

Am I overthinking or is there a reason to be suspicious?
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