He won't return my stuff after he broke up with me, why?

He stormed out of my home (he was hurt because my adult children are not fond of him) and then wrote me horrible Facebook messages saying he was done and will not return calls or emails asking for my things back. He has my house key, dishes, and clothes of mine at his place. I have his house key, clothes and things at mine. We dated and we engaged for 5 years.


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  • Jesus Christ. How old is this guy, 19? His actions just go to show you immaturity and irrational behavior can preside at any age.

    He's definitely butt hurt over not being the center of your Universe. How could anyone think they're more important than someone's children? I know they're probably older, but you never stop being their mother. And the fact he couldn't talk to you about something bothering him is very odd.

    So now he's resorted to juvenile behavior on Facebook like he's still in High School, making an even bigger ass out of himself and he won't give you your personal belongings? Even though HE's the one who ended things because he was being a little bitch?

    Has he always been like this? If so, then be thankful you're now free, and if he's going to act like a jerk, then count your losses and tell him to stuff your belongings up his ass. But if you do that, be sure to tell him that on Facebook.

    Good riddance to this weirdo.


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  • Maybe he want to talk to u for the last time.


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  • because he's a jerk basically...

    i guess u could report him, if he doesn't return yer stuff...;-)


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  • Do you want to be with him still?


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