Is two weeks no contact enough?

My boyfriend broke up with me and I've known of the No contact rule being effective, but the thing is, I told him that he had 2 weeks to make a descion about us. Is two weeks enough. What should I do to get him back.
He is having issues with family and jobs. He doesn't want his stress to put a bigger gap in our relashonship but I told him I'm not waiting forever.


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  • Nothing. Move on. He broke up with you honey. Don't beg him to take you back. Let him go. You weren't born tied to him. Go out with friends and have fun. Even if you have mutual friends have fun. I don't know how old you are but focus on you. You shouldn't run after someone who doesn't want you. Have more self pride and value.


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  • I feel like if he is willing to break up with you then he just doesn't want the relationshi. p. People shouldn't get hung up on people if it isn't felt it return. What a waste of feelings and time.

  • I don't think you can really put a time limit on something like that, sometimes it just has to play out


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