My ex has blocked me at my whole family on Facebook?

My ex left me in a very cowardly way (a way that you would look back a couple years down the track and be like 'wow, I can't believe I did that' via text whilst he was overseas a few months ago. I blocked him on facebook a this stage because I didn't want to be tempted to look at his profile. This was 4 months ago. About a month ago I unblocked him, as I felt I was ready to at this stage. I was not over him but I felt strong enough to unblock him at least. Within less than a week he had blocked me already, as well as all of my family members. I first of all don't even know how he knew I unblocked him as we were no longer friends on facebook and I did not contact him. A couple days later I then realised he had blocked my brother, sister and father on facebook, of which he had never been friends with on facebook or even inboxed / contacted on facebook. He would have actually had to somehow find out I had unblocked him, then searched through my friends list for all my family and blocked them. I was struggling to understand why my number and facebook are still blocked to this day (4 months after the breakup) however I came to terms with it. I really don't understand, however, why to this day all of my families facebooks' (as well as my facebook and mumber even though I understand me being blocked a bit more as this is a breakup) are blocked? It has been 4 months and they never had each other on facebook or contacted each other on there.

What would a possible reason for this be? Please don't answer saying 'why do you care'. I still do care, and someday in the future I will no longer care but at this stage I do / am just trying to understand this. When he broke things off I had no closure and this is part of the closure I'm having to create for myself.

Thanks so much.


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  • What I see here is that YOU wanted to be the one to do the blocking, so the break up is on YOUR terms and YOU can decide when contact can be initiated.

    He didn't have to go through your FB list to block your family.

    He has every right to block you and them; this cuts down YOUR avenues to contact him. He doesn't want you in his life at all, so accept it and move on.


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  • Sounds possibly like a control related issue for him. As in he didn't want YOU to be the one blocking him, and was probably super offended that you did. So, when you unblocked him, that may have been his petty way of getting back at you.


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  • You're broken up. Maybe he doesn't want to see you or your family all over Facebook or want you using their face books to look him up again. He probably wants to be done with you for good with absolutely no way for you to contact him again

  • He wants to forget about you and have a fresh start. My ex did the same thing. Don't take it personally, okay? Don't think about it. It's a waste of time, trust me.


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