You opinion of why an Ex would delay giving your stuff back?

In your opinion why do you think an ex wouldn't bring your stuff when they said they will?
Does it depend on situation? What is your experience?

My ex broke up with me. He broke my trust and said I was too nice and he couldn't be bothered and didn't know how to fix it. He didn't really want to break up with me he wasn't 100% sure. He could see how hurt I was and just ended it.

He said he would bag my stuff up and contact me in a few days for me to have it. True to his word he text and said he would drop it the following morning. He didn't. After 2 days I asked if he had in case it was on the doorstep and had been stolen or mistaken for rubbish. Nope. He said he would bring it one morning the following week. He hasn't. I haven't bothered asking again. Besides asking last week if he did drop the things I haven't contacted him even once. It's been over 2 weeks since we broke up. He did this last year, then brung my stuff to me and wnated to talk. I didn't want to. Then 2 weeks later he 'found' more stuff and bought it. Then a week later 'found' something else and bought it. Sunsequently then we had a chat about things. Started talking again and ended up getting back together.

A friend says it gives him control over me still (our relationship story is too long to tell)
I think it is either so he or I have an excuse to intiate contact or actually he doesn't really care much at the moment and letting me have it is of no value to him. ( I would let it go if it were not for an expensive bracelet that my brother got for me)

What is your experience from this situation?
It is an excuse to see you or continue with you
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They really don't care, it is not a priority
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It is their way of things not being final
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It's a way of having control still
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You opinion of why an Ex would delay giving your stuff back?
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