How to break up with someone who is so damn sensible and I am so confused?

My boyfriend of a month ago, I met 2 months ago, we rushed into a relationship because there was so much passion, and I was trying to forget about someone else by dating him. The thing is, this guy:
•had an intense crush on me for over a year, before we met
•buys me lot of expensive shit
•is the corniest person ever and he says and demonstrates me he loves me like I'm the one.
•he says I'm the 1st girl he ever dated that is not playing with him
•that's why he thinks I'm the one
•he's trying to know where exactly I am, and he's always trying to hang out with me or chat with me
•he's always telling me how important I am, and how much I mean to him
•he always gets depressed because he cannot believe that a girl like me is dating a geek ugly ass like him
•he has very low self esteem
Lately, things had become routine for me, i dont feel butterflies anymore, there's lack of passion, I feel so oppressed, I don't feel free to do what I want because he's always there, I can't go out with my male friends because he thinks I'm cheating, and I'm not, but for me, trust in order to get freedom is such a important aspect for me in a relationship, and I don't feel that anymore.
He thinks everything is alright, he thinks I'm in love and sometimes I turn off my own phone because I don't want to know about the boyfriend thing".
Besides, I'm realizing I didn't get over my ex, and I kind of like other guys, and that's bad because you can't like someone else when you have a partner, that's unfair.
i know he's a very nice person with the warmest heart and I like him but definitely not as a boyfriend but as a friend I want to protect because I think i care about his happiness, but I care about how I feel about this relationship too and that's why I'm confused. And forcing things that are not meant to be while he's getting his hopes up, isn't absolutely a choice. Please someone give me advice on this, I don't know how to break up with him or even I don't know what I'm feeling, help !


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  • Women are the worst for starting rebound relationships with absolutely no regard for the other person's feelings. I don't get how this site is adamant about men being pigs but women typically have control over the harshest scenarios.

    Tell him the truth, accept that you might get a verbal lashing (I hope you don't for his sake; I want him to be an alpha, stoic male and just say "ok"), and give your fucking head a shake. He deserves a more emotionally stable and rational person anyway.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You have to be honest with him.


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  • You boyfriend's a beta faggot and that's why you're not attracted to him.

    Better tell him it's over now rather than let him walk in on you fucking some alpha dude.

  • If you break up with him, he's probably gonna kill himself.

    You understand that, don't you?

    • Lmao so she's stuck with him for the rest of her life? Please

  • Leave him now before it gets worse.


What Girls Said 3

  • Be honest with him. Tell him he's a great person yada yada but that you're not over your ex and you don't wanna be in a relationship.
    He'll get over it so don't worry or feel guilty. If it's not working out, then you have to break up.

  • Tell him the truth. Also it is going to be the Best because of What you describe, apart That it is a rebound relationship, this guy is wanting to dominate you, apart from being insecure.

    Just try to do it in a place where there is people, not alone.

  • Oh my gosh. I feel like you just took thus from out of my mind. This is EXACTLY how I am feeling now. I don't know what to do. If I break up with him I'll feel so guilty I broke his heart he's a nice guy just not as a boyfriend.

    How to break up with a very sensitive guy. Whos in love with you and claims you're his world. I just don't know how to handle it.

    On top of that he told me he tried to commit suicide before I met him. I don't want this to be the thing that pushed him over the edge.

    He says I'm the only good thing he has left that's too big a burden to carry it's like if I leave he'll be sad and I don't want hI'm to go to the place where he thinks he's alone and commits suicide.

    I know there is a girl out there for him. I tried to be her to make him happy I just... I couldn't. So it would be wrong of me to stay when I don't feel the same. I can't force my feelings nor do I want to. I just don't know how to handle this.

    • It's not like I'm breaking up to be with someone else. I don't like anyone else. I just don't like him either. I care about him but I don't like him.

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