We were on a break... should I move forward with him?

I was talking to a guy for about 6 months or so. We met online & due to covid we weren't able to see each other, we got really close really fast. Things were good but then he began to have doubts at 5 months & talked about a break for a while until we could see each other. 6 months he officially said to go on a break and if i found someone it was okay. Things were good, we would talk, he would call me beautiful & said his dad asked about us. Mind you this was about 2 weeks ago. A week ago i texted him telling him i missed him and i got no response or anything. I waited and doubled texted and then triple texted a couple days later this past Friday, the 23rd, he posted a picture of him with a girl and the caption said "hot girl summer WHO? #datenight #couplegoals #covid_19 #romantic" I saw it when i opened insta and i liked it and he blocked me on everything. Days later he messaged me and deleted the picture, he said he didn't know what he's doing with himself. He also said "The one person i posted, like I don't know, they approached me and i was like hey let's give this a try i guess. I blocked you like an immature guy then boom it doesn't work, i reflect on myself and i feel like an idiot who feels like i do everythin wrong. I probably hurt you and probably ruined that chance. I get left for somethin stupid and now i feel like i ruined everythin this is why i have commitment issues and its my own damn fault." then he does on to say he is unhappy and insecure. tried to fill the void when he isn't happy with himself. He also apologized for blocking me. The things I asked for were to never block me & to please tell me if he ever found anyone. He did the exact opposite & apologized I've thought about this, he did bring up taking a break and told me what he did like he reached out. But i don't want to be an afterthought but have feelings for him, i can't fully trust but i want to be friends.. Let me know what u think
Yes, you two were on a break and he was honest
No, he isn't faithful
I dont know
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1 y
We kinda officially stopped talking. We talked for a bit. Recently i reached out and i haven't heard a reply. I guess no response is a response.
We were on a break... should I move forward with him?
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