Why do I feel guilty blocking my ex?

So my boyfriend of almost 4 months decided yesterday he didn't want to continue our relationship. He said we're just not right for each other, even though when we were together we clicked and had fun, until an issue came up that could easily be worked out by simple communication. He was the type that never felt he did anything wrong to cause me to be upset, that I was being ridiculous. Basically taking the easy way out by turning the tables and stonewalling me. I came to realize that I was dating an emotionally unavailable and somewhat immature 46 year old. So HE chose to break it off with me, the one who always believes relationships are a two way street and takes dedication between two people.
I deleted and blocked him from messages on FB, and I also blocked him from my phone. I cannot be tempted to reach out to him to try to convince him what he gave up on. He has always called it "blah blah blah". I know it's his choice and his loss. So why do I feel guilty? I know that cutting all ties is the best way, but deep down I feel like I need to leave some way for him to contact me. For some reason I feel he will. I always felt we had potential to be awesome together, especially only 4 months in, still getting to know each other. He has so many good qualities, he just didn't want to make the effort to work at it. Do guys ever think about this when they've been away from that person for a while and realize it was all worth it?

***Update to my post from 3 months ago***
Well we are almost 2 months in and we have been going strong. A month after I posted this, we slowly started to chip away at what was keeping him from opening up and getting closer. It took a lot of patience and understanding, and we are so much closer and more relaxed than ever before. Thank you all for your feedback <3


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  • I do believe that after time a person realizes what they had (if what they had was truly a "good thing" for them). But I also believe that people don't just change. They'll make promises to be different and at first they will be, but as time goes on they will settle back into their same old ways. You have to accept that he is just a certain way and decide to either accept and love him despite it, or move on.

    Good luck hun!


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  • Do guys ever feel that way? No guys don't. Now a man would have known that he had a great thing with you and none of this would ever have happened.
    You probably didn't have to block him, to be honest with you I think you did that as subconscious safety protocol because you knew you would let him back in your life if he got ahold of you... Or maybe you did it because you are hurt very bad on an emotional level and the only way you could show him that was to drop to his maturity level and block him. But Im sorry if that is why you did it he won't be able to see it cuz the end of his nose is about as far as his vision goes. If anything it has given him something to brag and laugh about with his neanderthal buddies.
    As far as getting ahold of you he knows where you live right? Do you got mutual friend? There is plenty of ways besides the net and phone.

    • LOL Neanderthal! That's funny. Well I have heard so many times that going NC is the best thing. A part of me wants him to wonder what I'm doing, because he's been so used to having me close. I want him to really feel my absence. We have taken a break before for two weeks and he ended up showing up at my favorite sports bar unannounced, because he "wanted to see me". And yes, I'm FB friends with 7 of his family members lol.

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  • Sounds mighty familiar. You did not need to block him, but I believe that you should make it look as though you just do not care. That will drive him mad honestly. I know I am only 15, and I can't believe grown men act like this from teen years to God knows when! Crazy to me lol.


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