Wants to Apologize for Ghosting me?

I was with a guy for four years and one day, he asked for space and literally never spoke to me again. It's been two months. I had finally reached a place where I was ready to move on with my life. I got no closure, he told me just not to overreact or worry, once he cleared his head, we would work it all out. Well, I got sick of waiting, blocked his calls, texts, emails, FB and focused on moving on.

Well, on Saturday, my best friend got a FB message from him. He said he didn't want to work out the relationship but he should apologize for what he did and could she help him meet up with me, get me to let his calls through, etc. She said no and blocked him on FB as well. But she told me because she thought I should know. I'm trying really hard to heal and an apology followed by a rejection won't help me. I also cannot help but feel like there is some other motive, like he was testing to see if I would take him back, as he could have left a note in my mailbox had he just wanted to apologize. I'm really wondering what his motives are here. My other friends say just ignore it, but its' really bothering me. Why would you ignore me for months, then take such a cowardly way to get back into my life just to apologize, when that would only make you feel better? And why does it have to be a conversation? Why put me through that? Am I the only one who finds this ooky?


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  • just honestly probably making the maturity run through of dealing with stuff over his head still and sometimes thats asking for forgiveness from people we intentionally or unintentionally ghosted etc.


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  • Honestly ghosting is confusing as hell. My boyfriend rarely responded to anything i sent him and still send him nor do i remember who rejected who.. If he's ghosting me or if he thinks im ghosting him.. Its really just pointless i wish hed say something just once sometime

  • Because apologize mean nothing if you don't say it to someones face

    • But if you know the other person wants to work it out & you say you don't, wouldn't you just let them alone to heal? Why try to force them to feel the rejection again?

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    • It definitely won't make me feel better. I'll have to relive the rejection.

    • Then don't go.

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