Dating for a month and had really good dates and chemistry. At the beginning we agreed on fun because I travel a lot for my job. In the end I told him I had feelings and he went cold a bit, he was still lovely but said a relationship wouldn't work because we would hardly see each other which I understood. We then haven't seen each other in a month because I'm giving it some space to hopefully stop my feelings for him.

We text often and so on. I said to him we're obviously just friends now and I agreed but he still wants to see me, tells me he misses me and so on...

I told him he's free to see other people and so on because we aren't serious or anything and I think he was a bit offended that I came off i didn't care but he asked me if i was seeing anyone and I said no because thats the truth... by the way we never had sex just hooked up because i'm a virgin and he respects me not to take it yet

Anyway, me being the idiot I am wanted to see how "much" he really misses me. While I was out with friends I uploaded pics of my good looking guy friends... not with any romantic captions just funny captions of them.. and also I got flowers from a guy and uploaded them to snap saying "so cute <3"

Now after this he's been posting snaps of him walking with this girls voice recording him, and the food he ate with a female body half in the picture... then today he posts a video of him in the car with the caption "we're off to a good start" then deleted the snap once i watched it

like wtf? please elaborate
ALSO!!! I uploaded a selfie on snapchat and he messages me saying "i look beautiful" lol i bet that was right after he fucked that chick


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  • Ok, your question title begins with " Is he trying to make me jealous", however in the last two paragraphs you yourself accepted that you uploaded good looking pics of your guy friends, even though they were not romantic ones but you said you did that and then you also commented on flowers given by a guy as " SO CUTE"

    Plus you also said very clearly that you were trying to see how much he misses you, right?

    What does this sentence indicate? what does your actions indicate? It indicates that you were trying to test him by trying to make him jealous to see his reaction and to guage his interest levels in you. Honestly speaking you were trying to play the mind game on him and it's clear from your actions ( if you read it carefully).

    Now in these situations once a guy suspects that you were trying to make him jealous in any way possible, then a guy does two things. One is he will try to give you the taste of your own medicine by trying to make you jealous in return, like he is getting back even with you.

    Second is the guy will completely give up on you and won't waste his time with a woman like you. In your case this guy has opted for the first option that is he is trying to give you the taste of your own medicine.

    Yes, that's right he is trying to make you jealous and that is not justified but then you also tried to make him jealous and it's possible that your action is what led to him trying the " TIT FOR TAT" tactics on you.

    From your post it seems like you started it first by trying to making him jealous and now he is doing the same thing to you.

    Both of you whatever you are doing is wrong. Why test each other in such an immature manner by playing mind games? . It's very unhealthy.

    If you both are not interested, then just move on ( completely).

    • I agree I have been an idiot but it's out of anger because of him not wanting anything serious and I feel used a bit. Also with the snaps I uploaded, they were in a complete friendly manner, yes the intention was their to make him jelous but I have a lot of guy friends and they were just friendly snaps and told him I'm not seeing anyone so he should trust me. Also I really don't know if he's the jelous type but why would he upload shit like that when he told me 2 nights before he reassured me he wasn't seeing anyone?

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    • Anyways lastly I would say that you need to learn from this experience, you need to learn from your mistakes. I understand that you are still young and it's fine but you need to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them in future.

      Hence in future if you ever come to know that a guy is not showing interest in you, or he is not taking things forward, or if he doesn't want a serious relationship like you do then have a meeting, a discussion with him and break up with him completely and then start dating other guys, so what I am saying is move on completely.

      If at all it happens that the same guy comes back to you while you are still dating other guys and he says he wants to take things forward and wants a serious relationship with you then you can decide what to do, that is if you want you can stop dating other guys and get back with the same guy that you broke up with.

      If you do this then it shows you are a mature person. This would be my suggestion to you

    • Summary is yes I do understand your anger is justified and you had your reasons to try to make him jealous but still just because you had your reasons to make him jealous doesn't mean that it is an automatic justification for your actions.

      Having a reason for your actions is not a justification to continue your actions. Hence in future I would suggest think before you act, think 10 times before you do anything, don't be impulsive in your actions.

      That's all from me. If you didn't understand anything then please ask me

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  • Why do you care didn't you state you accepted just a friendship and you uploaded photos of your guy friends and flowers so you went out of your way to start this fiasco.. you reep what you sow... he's not trying to make you jealous he is just doing him, moving on... and so should u

    • You're right, i'm literally being an idiot. The thing is this is my first relationship, i'm new to this all. I only stated we were friends but really i want more, i have feelings for him.

    • Also why is he still messaging me telling me i look beautiful, I asked him a few days if he's seeing anyone and he's like no.

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  • Of course he is- you started it though.

  • Yes he is trying to make you jealous. These are the type of games that annoy me personally! But I think you need to cut your losses here. The fact is you started off the relationship as "fun" at the start, that has complicated things.

    Nowe I'm not sure if he likes you, but the fact that you said he can see other people makes him feel like you don't care. So that has hurt his ego and he has to make you hurt too. My advice to you is to let this go as he doesn't want a relationship and you are only going to end up hurt.

    Cut off all conversation with him and delete him off snap and move on!


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  • Either that or dating him is genuinely a miserable experience because he’s so self-centered, careless, and tactless that he truly believes things like that are perfectly acceptable.

    However, if you want a man, then don’t pretend you’re okay with him pursuing other women. It doesn’t make you look “cool” or “easy going”: it makes you look like a fool who’s willing to risk losing a guy you’re interested in to someone else. Set a certain standard for the way you want your connection to develop so that you can avoid messy situations like this.

  • Lmao dude you're the one playing games and you're mad at him for moving on? Hahahahah xD

    • I told him I liked him and would make it work if he wanted it. I asked him multiple times if he still wanted to see me and to just the bullshit and be honest and he says "he still wants to see my beatiful face" gag

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    • Do you think he's trying to make me jelous? He's a private person and wouldn't just hint he's seeing someone else to all his friends and fam

    • You knew what you were doing when you posted those things, and now that they've blown up in your face you don't like it. If you want someone to be genuine with you, you must first be genuine with them.

      If it's that serious to you tell if you're jealous, tell him you like him, tell him you were trying to make him jealous and you aren't seeing anyone, and tell him you want to be in a monogamous relationship with him.

      If he doesn't want those things, just take it up as a lesson learned and move on. But if it is at that point make sure you establish there shall be no more flirting and romance between either of you if you're going to actually be friends.

  • Woooow but yes he's definitely trying to make you jealous.

  • it sounds like he's trying to make you jealous.


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