He dumped me after our first fight?

I've been seeing this guy for about 3 months band I was crazy about him. From our first date we had that spark and he told me that he never felt like this about anyone.

This week we went through a bit of a rough patch and we had our first few fights. He doesn't like to argue so he completely shuts down and won't talk until I make the first move. I said sorry and that I was embarrassed because I behaved a bit immature. He came back and told that he can't handle this his ex was always fighting with him and he is on, y out of one of those realtionships. He said that maybe we are better friends.

He was crazy about me up to two days ago and after a little few bumps he just drops me. I told him I couldn't be friends and that's it then. He replied that he just can't deal with arguing.

i don't think I've ever been so hurt. I don't understand how he could just cut me off like that someone he supposedly cared about.

I feel really lost and down, how do you cope with this situation?
He dumped me after our first fight?
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