He dumped me after our first fight?

I've been seeing this guy for about 3 months band I was crazy about him. From our first date we had that spark and he told me that he never felt like this about anyone.

This week we went through a bit of a rough patch and we had our first few fights. He doesn't like to argue so he completely shuts down and won't talk until I make the first move. I said sorry and that I was embarrassed because I behaved a bit immature. He came back and told that he can't handle this his ex was always fighting with him and he is on, y out of one of those realtionships. He said that maybe we are better friends.

He was crazy about me up to two days ago and after a little few bumps he just drops me. I told him I couldn't be friends and that's it then. He replied that he just can't deal with arguing.

i don't think I've ever been so hurt. I don't understand how he could just cut me off like that someone he supposedly cared about.

I feel really lost and down, how do you cope with this situation?


Most Helpful Guy

  • What did you argue about? If it was something trivial I can understand his reaction because nobody wants a batshit crazy woman.

    If it was something worth arguing about then he is a child who can't handle an adult relationship.

    • It was just about spending quality time together. Instead of sitting maybe we can go on more dates. But as soon as I brought it up he started saying that his ex was controlling and always pissed off everytime he went out with his friends. I was never pissed off for him going out with his friend, I just wanted some time too. He got so defensive like I was attacking him.

      We always went on dates but the last few weeks we have been just staying in which was nice but I wanted to go on a proper date. I didn't think I would get the reaction.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He sounds immature. Count your blessings. Couples argue. It's just something that happens sometimes. And if he thinks he can have a relationship where people don't argue or discuss things, then he's in for a very rude awakening.

    • I just don't understand him. I would never just drop somebody because a few little fights or because they have flaws.

    • Thus why I said count your blessings. Most people, guys and girls, would not drop someone after a few fights unless the fights got physical.

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  • It's sounds like a very lame excuse if you ask me has to why he broke up with you no matter how much you love a person your gonna have arguments sometimes over small little things if he has problems with arguments maybe something from his past made him feel like this especially with his ex but he should not take it out on you that's a past relationship

  • My guess is that he was probably looking for a long term relationship. Fighting 3 months into the relationship over immature things is a red flag screaming that the two of you will never be able to live together if you did get married. Judging from what you've said here, I would have done the same thing that your ex-bf did. If you really had a healthy relationship with a bright future then you wouldn't be fighting 3 months into it. Smart guy for figuring it out early...


What Girls Said 1

  • What were you fighting about? That is an important factor.

    • We weren't going on dates in the last few weeks just sitting around at home. I wasn't expecting his reaction he got really defensive saying his ex was always trying to be controlling. I just wanted some quality time and I thought I said it in a nice way. I just don't understand how he can be crazy about me 2 days ago and now has dumped me.

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