Is it normal to feel like I will be single forever after a breakup?

this will be really long, so be patient. about a month ago now, i broke up with my wonderful (well, maybe because we ARGUED) boyfriend of 4 1/2 months. it was because i ruined things.. again! i have a habit of lying (i know, LAWD help me lol) and he left me. he moved on a week or 2 later i think. now he said some really hurtful things to me last week because i STALKED HIM, (in HIS words) i was desperate for his attention and i sent him lots of emails n shit and kept calling him 10 times a day even tho he was at work or some crap like that. he finally got pissed tf off and we argued, biggest argument ever than texting ANYONE! he said i was a liar, cheater and he cut me off. ever since, i've been feeling extremely hideous (which i haven't felt since i was 18, which is odd of me) he made me feel so gorgeous and he was a really cute guy. but ever since we parted ways, i feel grosser than ever!! i'm pale, i've gained a few lbs, my hair is a mess, i have no energy and i'm depressed but i'm also talking to other guys, but they only want sex!!! i'm a very romantic young lady, i love kissing/hugging than having sex if ever asked in an interview, i love affection, dates but guys who just wanna fuck me, NEVER KISS ME! last summer i had sex with a guy on vacation and i tried kissing him, but he moved his head the other way (TF?) but i cut out ALL HOOK UPS ALTOGETHER!
But will i be single for the rest of my life?
thanks again, sorry this is soooooo long
like after all the sweet things he said to me and called me beautiful, gorgeous all the time and i look back to our days where we you know, hung out makes me feel some type of way.. not in a happy way at all, just so nostalgic that you wanna burst out crying (sorry, childhood too lmfaoo)


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  • I'm on the same boat as you.
    Recently broke up with my ex and now I'm thinking I'm never going to get into a relationship now.
    My first relationship was at 30 so I can imagine I will probably have to wait a long time for never!

    I think of her every single day especially in the mornings hoping it is all just a bad dream.


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  • Jesus.

    No you won't be single forever.

    You are broken up and not getting back together. It might sound crazy coming from someone who broke up at 2 YEARS and 6 months. But we got together, broke up, got together. Whilst I was a Carer for my amputee dad. I was st school, learning to drive and working part time for things like food.

    Move on.

    I now look after my dad and have a boyfriend of 3 years now.

    But sure. Crack on with your destined life.


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  • Yea it's normal to be all out of wack after a break up. They say it usually takes about as long as you were dating to fully move on so still feeling off after a months completely normal

  • Yes it is

    • You'll find someone one day

    • It is normal to miss him sometimes, you can get over him yes.

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  • that's normal you will get rid of these thoughts by time


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