My boyfriend cheated on me with strippers, opinions?

I'm not an English native speaker and I'm so confused now, so please forgive me if there are mistakes.
We've been in a relationship of 5 years. But, our situation is hard now because we live in different countries. First 4 years, we were in the same country and then he went back home last year for the future. We are in a long-distance relationship and our time differences are 14 hous now. During a year, I was busy working and he was the same too. We coulnd't meet actually but we facetimed almost every single day. He said he did't realize how much he loved me when we were together and I was supposed to visit him in April. Also, the end of the year or the next year, we were planning to live together because he wanted me in his life. Since I have to leave my family, freinds and my life style which is pretty good and I'm satisfied with. I'm popular here and I make double than average girls in the city (I wrote it because I'm going to move not because of comfortness). Even though it was a big decision for me but I didn't hesitate because I loved him so much. But in this morning I woke up and read tons of messages that he cheated on me with two strippers in a day and he wanted me to forgive him. I cried so much and I told him to break up. After that message he said I can cheat on him or I can do anything that I want but please don't break up with him, he would do anything that he would get my forgiveness and it was the dimbest thing he could have done. My heart is broken not because of the strippers, it's because of him. I trusted him so much and I thought we would be together happily ever after. I feel like my life is completely messed up. I know that I shouldn't forgive him but it's really hard for me to get over. Should I give him another chance?


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  • Once a cheater is always a cheater. What he did was bad. Should you forgive him? It's up to you. I would maybe forgive but I wouldn't trust him like before. He would have to really improve and make it up But it's up to you.

  • Well, I guess the strippers were prettier than you...
    and then in those 4-5 years you grew old and not so attractive.
    your fault, not his XD

    • What you said was something that I would get hurt if I was as stupid as you thought.
      Sadly, I'm not the one that is not attractive and ugly and I know it's not my fault.
      Even though I'm 28 but people still think that I'm in my early 20s and attractive.
      I'm sure that you are the person who cheats on your girl when you think that your girlfriend or wife gets old and not attractive. So sad.

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